Ncert English Class 6 Solutions Vocation

Ncert English Class 6 Solutions Vocation

Welcome to NCTB Solutions. Here with this post we are going to help 6th class students for the Solutions of NCERT Class 6 English Book Chapter 7 Poem, Vocation. Here students can easily find step by step solutions of all the questions in Vocation. Also our Expert English Teacher’s solved all the problems with easily understandable language with proper guidance so that all the students can understand easily. Here in this post students will get chapter 7 solutions. Here all Question Answer are based on NCERT latest syllabus.

Vocation Exercise question Solutions :

Working With The Poem :

(1) Your partner and you may now be able to answer these questions.

(i) Who is the speaker in the poem? Who are the people the speaker meets? What are they doing?

Answer : 

The speaker is a little school going child. The people, the speaker meets, are a hawker selling bangles, a gardener who is digging the ground and a watchman who was walking on the street whole night.

(ii) What wishes does the child in the poem make? Why does the child want to be a hawker, a gardener, or a watchman? Pick out the lines in each stanza, which tell us this.

Answer : 

The child in the poem wishes to be a hawker, a gardener or a watchman. As he was very innocent, he wanted to spend his life freely just as the hawker, the gardener or the watchman.

He everyday notices a hawker, who sells bangles, on his way to school. He wishes to shout everyday on the road just like the hawker as the hawker has nothing to be hurried; he must not take any fixed road, has not any particular place to go to and also has no certain time to return home. All this freedom makes him thought that if he could become a hawker, he could also enjoy these thing. Then seeing the gardener, digging the ground with his spade, he wishes to be like him. Because when he soil his clothes with dirt no body nags at him for doing his works even if he gets baked in the sun or wet in rain. Hence, he feels that if he could be a gardener nobody then stops him to do this And finally when he observes the watchman through the open window roaming on the road with his lantern during the whole night, he thinks if he is a watchman he could also walks on the streets all night and never even once has to go to bed.


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