Ncert English Class 6 Solutions An Indian-American Woman in Space Kalpana Chawla

Ncert English Class 6 Solutions An Indian-American Woman in Space : Kalpana Chawla

Welcome to NCTB Solutions. Here with this post we are going to help 6th class students for the Solutions of NCERT Class 6 English Book Chapter 4 Prose, An Indian-American Woman in Space : Kalpana Chawla. Here students can easily find step by step solutions of all the questions in An Indian-American Woman in Space : Kalpana Chawla. Also our Expert English Teacher’s solved all the problems with easily understandable language with proper guidance so that all the students can understand easily. Here in this post students will get chapter 4 solutions. Here all Question Answer are based on NCERT latest syllabus.

An Indian-American Woman in Space : Kalpana Chawla Exercise question Solutions :

  • Working With The Text :

(A) Answer the following questions.

(1) Where was Kalpana Chawla born? Why is she called an Indian-American?

Answer : 

Kalpana Chawla was born Karnal, Haryana. Though she was born in India, but got married to an American resident and then became a naturalized citizen of U.S that is why she is called an Indian-American.

(2) When and why did she go to the U.S.? Who did she marry?

Answer : 

After completing her Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering she went to the U.S for a master’s degree. She married a flight instructor, a citizen of U.S.A, Jean-Pierre Harrison.

(3) How did she become an astronaut? What gave her the idea that she could be an astronaut?

Answer : 

After qualifying as a pilot she applied to NASA’s space shuttle program and fortunately she got hired as a research scientist at NASA and then in 1994 she was selected for her training as an astronaut. The abundant support and encouragement of people around her gave her the idea that she could be an astronaut.

(4) What abilities must an astronaut have, according to the journalist?

Answer : 

According to the journalist, one must have the ubiquitous knowledge and need to know enormous thing about biology, astrophysics and aeronautical engineering to be an astronaut.

(5) Describe Kalpana Chawla’s first mission in space.

Answer : 

Kalpana Chawla’s first mission in space has lasted for 15 days, 16 hours and 34 minutes. She went around the earth 252 times and travelled 10.75 million kilometres. Japanese and a Ukrainian astronaut were her colleague, who executed some experiments there.

(6) What does Kalpana Chawla say about pursuing a dream? Do you agree with her that success is possible?

Answer : 

In her message to the students of the college in Chandigarh, Kalpana Chawla said that it is possible for everyone to fulfill their dreams and achieve the success. One should have the vision and courage to realize the dream as well as performed it. Yes, I agree with her that success is possible with the courage and vision.

(B) Read the newspaper report to find the following facts about the Columbia’s ill-fated voyage.

Answer : 

(1) Date and place of lift off – 16 January 2003, the Kennedy space center, Florida.

(2) Number of astronauts on boards – Seven

(3) Number of days it stayed in space – 16 days

(4) Number of experiments done by Scientists – 80

(5) Date of return journey – 1 February 2003

(6) Height at which it lost contact – 200000 feet

  • Working With Language :

(C) Add ‘un’– to the words below to make their opposites. Then look up the meanings of the words you have formed in the dictionary.

Answer : 

(1) identified = Unidentified

(2) controlled = Uncontrolled

(3) attended = Unattended

(4) successful = Unsuccessful

(5) important = Unimportant

(6) educated = Uneducated

(7) interesting = Uninteresting

(8) qualified = Unqualified

(9) trained = Untrained

(10) answerable = Unanswerable

  • Writing : 

(A) Do you have a ‘dream’, or something you very much wish to do?

Write a paragraph saying what you want or wish to do. Then say (in another paragraph) how you think you can make your dream come true.

Answer : 

My dream cum ambition is to become a pharmacist. I want to invent useful medical drugs for the people. That will prevents many difficult diseases and helps people to recover from the illness.

I know it is not so easy to make my dream come true. For this I have to study hard and make my brain more brilliant. By making a perfect time table I can study more strategically. This will help me to perform well in the entrance examination.


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