Ncert English Class 6 Solutions Who Did Patrick’s Homework

Ncert English Class 6 Solutions Who Did Patrick’s Homework

Welcome to NCTB Solutions. Here with this post we are going to help 6th class students for the Solutions of NCERT Class 6 English Book Chapter 1, Who Did Patrick’s Homework. Here students can easily find step by step solutions of all the questions in Who Did Patrick’s Homework. Also our Expert English Teacher’s solved all the problems with easily understandable language with proper guidance so that all the students can understand easily. Here in this post students will get chapter 1 solutions. Here all Question Answer are based on NCERT latest syllabus.

Who Did Patrick’s Homework Exercise question Solutions :

Working With The Text : 

(1) What did Patrick think his cat was playing with? What was it really?

Answer : 

Patrick thought his cat was playing with a little doll. But he was wrong. I was really a tiny man.

(2) Why did the little man grant Patrick a wish?

Answer : 

The little man promised to grant Patrick’s wish because Patrick had saved his life from the cat by not handing him over to the cat.

(3) What was Patrick’s wish?

Answer : 

Patrick did not have any interest to do his homework. So, he wished that the little man should fulfill his wish and asked the tiny man to do all his homework of about 35 days, until the ending of the session.

(4) In what subjects did the little man need help, to do Patrick’s homework?

Answer : 

The little man needed help in English, Math’s and History, while doing Patrick’s homework.

(5) How did Patrick help him?

Answer : 

Patrick helped him by staying with the little man over the night and sat beside him to advise him. He collected many books from the library and read those books in front of the little elf.

(6) Who do you think did Patrick’s homework — the little man, or Patrick himself? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer : 

Indeed, not the little man, Patrick himself had done all his homework. He had guide and help little man over the night and brought books for him.

Working with Language : 

(A) Fill in the blanks in the sentences below with the words or phrases from the box. 

Answer : 

(1) Some people find household chores a bore, but I like to help at home.

(2) Who stole the diamond is still a mystery.

(3) This semester we are going to have a class exhibition.

(4) True to his word, the elf began to help Patrick.

(5) Can you look up this word in the dictionary?

(6) I started early to be on time, but I was out of luck. There was a traffic jam.

(7) She say she’s got a lot of books, but between you and me I think most of them are borrowed.

Speaking :

(A) In the story Patrick does difficult things he hates to do, because the elf pretends he needs help. Have you ever done something difficult or frightening, by pretending about it in some way? Tell your classmates about it.


Say what you feel about homework. (The words and phrases in the boxes may help you.) Do you think it is useful, even though you may not like it? Form pairs, and speak to each other.

Answer : 

I : I am generally not fond of doing my homework as well as reading books.

My classmate : But my parents always told me that reading books gives a boost to our word stocks.

I : I am not keen very much on doing math’s.

My classmate: My elder sister always helped me in solving my sums.

I : I did not develop a liking for cultural activities that much.

My classmate : My parents always taught me to participate in cultural activities and they always support me.

I : I always have a taste for fast foods of my locality.

My classmate : But I was told to avoid such thing and advised to wash my hands with the aid of water and hand wash before eating the food.

I : Once I appealed to my mother to give me a break from my daily exercise at the dawn.

My classmate : But early morning exercise can be a boon for your physical heath as well as mental health.

Writing : 

(A) This story has a lot of rhyming words, as a poem does. Can you write out some parts of it like a poem, so that the rhymes come at the end of separate lines?

Answer : 

The lines that have the rhyming words at the end are :

A man of very small size

Who seemed too true and wise

If you save me from the cat’s grip

I’ll surely fulfill your wish, as I commit

Patrick had to do all his homework

But he loved to play instead of his work.


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