Rd Sharma Solutions Class 7 Chapter 19

Rd Sharma Solutions Class 7 Chapter 19 Visualising Solid Shapes

Welcome to NCTB Solution. Here with this post we are going to help 7th class students for the Solutions of Rd Sharma Class 7 Mathematics, Chapter 19, Visualising Solid Shapes. Here students can easily find Exercise wise solution for chapter 19, Visualising Solid Shapes. Students will find proper solutions for Exercise 19.1 and 19.2. Our teachers solved every problem with easily understandable methods so that every students can understand easily. Here all solutions are based on the CBSE latest curriculum.

Visualising Solid Shapes Exercise 19.1 Solution

Question no – (1) 

Solution : 

Faces (F) 6 4 9 7
Edges (E) 12 16 15
Vertex (V) 8 4 9 10

Question no – (2) 

Solution : 

(i) Example of a cone,

= Ice-creame cone.

(ii) Example of a sphere

= Ball, a round orange, a round cricket ball.

(iii) Example of a cuboid

= Dice, book, a duster

(iv) Example of a cylinder

= Pipe, pen, a circular pipe.

(v) Example of a pyramid.

= Cutting cake.

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