Ncert English Class 7 Solutions Expert Detectives

Ncert English Class 7 Solutions Expert Detectives

Welcome to NCTB Solutions. Here with this post we are going to help 7th class students for the Solutions of NCERT Class 7 English Book Chapter 6 Prose, Expert Detectives. Here students can easily find step by step solutions of all the questions in Expert Detectives. Also our Expert English Teacher’s solved all the problems with easily understandable language with proper guidance so that all the students can understand easily. Here in this post students will get chapter 6 solutions. Here all Question Answer are based on NCERT latest syllabus.

Expert Detectives Exercise question Solutions :

  • Comprehension Check : 

(1) What did Nishad give Mr. Nath? Why?

Answer : 

Nishad gave a bar of chocolate to Mr. Nath. Seeing his thin body Nishad thought that he was certainly starving, so he gave him the chocolate.

(2) What is “strange” about Mr. Nath’s Sundays?

Answer : 

The strange thing about Mr. Nath’s Sundays is he receives a same visitor in his house and both of them have their lunch together in every Sunday.

(3) Why did Nishad and Maya get a holiday?

Answer : 

Nishad and Maya got the unexpected holiday due to the bad condition of weather. Because of the heavy rain the roads of the city were flooded and the traffic was also blocked.

  • Working with the Text : 

(1) What does Nishad find out about Mr. Nath from Ramesh?

Arrange the information as suggested below.

What he eats

When he eats

What he drinks, and when

How he pays

Answer : 

  • He is not quite certain about his foods. He cats always the same food- two chapattis, some Dal and a vegetable.
  • He usually eats in the morning and the evening.
  • He drinks tea in morning and also in evening.
  • He always pays in cash and also gives a good tips to Ramesh.

(2) Why does Maya think Mr. Nath is a crook? Who does she say the Sunday visitor is?

Answer : 

Mr. Nath is quite unfriendly and does not talk to anyone. He has no friends to meet and has no visitor except for the one who meets him on Sunday. He spends his all day inside his room and has no works. All these makes Maya think that Mr. Nath is a crook. She thinks that the Sunday visitor is his partner who always helps him to commit the crimes and comes to Mr. Nath to give him share of loots.

(3) Does Nishad agree with Maya about Mr. Nath? How does he feel about him?

Answer : 

No, Nishad does not agree with Maya about Mr. Nath. He feels very pity for Mr. Nath because he thinks that due to his poverty he cannot even eat properly and as he has no friends, he may be feels so lonely. He also feels that he is rather a very bountiful person as he gives Ramesh a good tips regularly.

  • Writing :

(1) Who do you think Mr. Nath is? Write a paragraph or two about him.

Answer :  

I think, Mr. Nath is neither a criminal nor a crook. He is just a simple person like us. He is very lean figured person because he might not eat properly and on time. He eats just two chapattis, dal and vegetable which are too less amount of food for him. Moreover, he might be a shy and introvert person who prefers solitary than other’s company. That might be the reason that he has less friends and visitors. As we see, the is consulting with Maya and Nishad’s mother who is a doctor that shows that he is undergoing some illness which may be the reason of his emaciated appearance. The person who came every Sunday to visit him is may be his family member or his friend, instead of his partner in crime. He may be visits him to ensure that he is well or not.

(2) What else do you think Nishad and Maya will find out about him? How? Will they ever be friends? Think about these questions and write a paragraph or two to continue the story.

Answer : 

I think, Nishad and Maya will find out that Mr. Nath is not a criminal. He might have no friends or visitors because he would be a shy person and have an introverted personality. They might come to know that Mr. Nath might have a job but due to his illness, he needs some rest, that is why he might left his job. They will be friends later, especially Nishad can become a good friend of him. Because from the beginning he had trust on him. He knows that he is a very kind person. Besides, Maya would have regretted because of his unnecessary doubts about Mr. Nath.


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