Balbharati Class 8 History Solutions Chapter 7 Non co-operation Movement

Balbharati Class 8 History Solutions Chapter 7 Non-co-operation Movement

Welcome to NCTB Solutions. Here with this post we are going to help Maharashtra State board 8th class students by providing Balbharati Class 8 History Chapter 7 Solutions, Non-co-operation Movement. Here students can easily find all the answers for the questions in Non-co-operation Movement. Also our Expert History Teacher’s solved all the question answer with easily understandable language with proper guidance so that all the students can understand easily. Here on this post students will get chapter 7 Non-co-operation Movement solutions. Here all the Question Answer are based on Balbharati latest syllabus. Here all the question and answer are based on Maharashtra State Board latest syllabus.

Non-co-operation Movement Exercise question Solutions :

Question no – (1) 

(1) Gandhiji began his career from the country of

(a) India

(b) England

(c) South Africa

(d) Myanmar

Answer : 

Correct option – (c)

Gandhiji began his career from the country of South Africa.

(2) The farmers started the no-tax movement in the district of

(a) Gorakhpur

(b) Kheda

(c) Solapur

(d) Amravati

Answer : 

Correct option – (b)

The farmers started the no-tax movement in the district of Kheda

(3) As a protest to Jallianwala Baug massacre, Rabindranath Tagore returned the title of ………… bestowed upon him by the British Government.

(a) Lord

(b) Sir

(c) Raobahadur

(d) Raosaheb

Answer : 

Correct option – (b)

As a protest to Jallianwala Bagh massacre, Rabindranath Tagore returned the title of Sir bestowed upon him by the British Government.

Question no – (2) 

Answer : 

(1) The 1906 Declaration restricted the carrying of identity cards by blacks in South Africa and restricted their freedom.

(2) Gandhiji launched first Satyagraha movement in the Champaran district in India.

*Sabarmati in Ahmadabad Gandhiji launch the first satyagraha in India.

(3) “General Michael O’ Dwyer” gave orders of firing in the Jallianwala Baug.

Question no – (3) 

Answer :  

(1) The philosophy of Satyagraha :

Gandhiji’s Satyagraha movement received a strong response from the society at that time. Influenced by the ideology of Satyagraha, a huge sea of people was formed. The main objective of Satyagraha is to show path of truth and nonviolence through which people can peacefully raise their voice against unjust. This policy is to move forward with the sole aim of truth. Satyagraha means ‘holding into truth”.

(2) Establishment of Swaraj Party established : 

The Swaraj party was established in 1922 and it was formed by Chittaranjan Das and Motilal Nehru. The main objective of this party was to oppose unjust policies against Indians and demand of a responsible Government.

Question no – (4) 

Answer :  

(1) Rowlatt Act was opposed by the people of India because –

Rowlatt Act gave the right to the government to arrest anyone without any warrant or imprison without any trial. Even the appeal was prohibited against the punishment given through this act. The Indian stared opposing this act and called it “black act” as it snatched all the basic rights of them as human.

(2) Gandhiji suspended the Non co operation Movement because –

In February 1922, the police opened fire on a peaceful procession at Chauri Chaura.This provoked people and in their anger they set fire to the police station. One officer and 22 policemen were killed in this and due to this incident Gandhiji suspended the non – corporation movement.

(3) The Indians boycotted the Simon Commission because –

The reforms introduced by the Montague Chelmsford Act of 1919 were unsatisfactory so there was discontent among Indians, on top of that the British appointed commission under chairmanship of Sir John Simon and in that commission none of the Indian members were included. Hence the Indians boycotted the Simon Commission.

(4) Khilafat Movement was started in India : 

All Muslim regarded the ruler of Turkey as their religious leader. During the first world war Turkey fought against British. To get the support of Indian Muslims in the war, the British has assured that after the end of the war, khilafa’s empire will not be harmed. But after the end of First World War British did not keep their assurance. Which created a great discontent among Muslims. The movement started my Indian Muslims to support the khilafa was called the Khilafat movement.


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