NCTB Class 7 Science Chapter 1 Lower Organisms Solution

NCTB Class 7 Science Chapter 1 “Lower Organisms” Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 7 Science Solution Chapter 1 Lower Organisms Solution  Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher.

NCTB Solution Class 7 Chapter 1 “Lower Organisms”:

Board NCTB Bangladesh Board
Class 7
Subject Science
Chapter One
Chapter Name “Lower Organisms”

Fill in the blanks:-

(1) Cause of typhoid in man is —-.

Ans:- Bacteria.

(2) The germ responsible for amoebic dysentery is—.

Ans:- Endameba.

(3) Outside living body—do not show any symptom of life.

Ans:- Virus.

(4) Fungus named—– is used in bakery.

Ans:- Yeast.

(5) Rod like bacteria is called—.

Ans:- Bacillus.

Short answered questions:

(2)Write the names of four bacterial diseases.

 Ans:- The names of four bacterial diseases are cholera, typhoid, blood dysentery and tetanus.

(3) What are the microbes?

Ans:- Virus, bacteria, amoeba which are not visible without the help of a microscope are called microbes.

(4) What are the materials virus particles made of?

Ans:- Virus particles are made of protein coating and nucleic acid.

Multiple choice questions:

(1) Which Bacteria is responsible for Pneumonia?

Ans:- (c) Coccus.

(2) Algae is used in-

Ans:- (d) (i), (ii) and (iii)

(3) Parasite as mentioned in the above stem produces-

Ans:- (b) (i) and (ii)

(4) Which one of the following is responsible for producing the disease torque pointed out?

Ans:- (a) Fungi

Creative questions:

(1) (a) What is Algae?

 Ans:- Algae are achlorophyllous and auto phytic plants of the order thallophyte. It Eukaryotic microbes.

(1) (b) Why are Fungi termed as saprophytes?

Ans:- Fungi is termed as saprophytic because they do not have chlorophyll to take part in photosynthesis.

(1) (c) Explain the preventive measures against the disease caused A.

Ans:- It is very difficult to cure the disease caused by A. So it’s only preventive measure is to consult with a competent doctor and take proper medicines.

(1) (d) B is a harmful organism but it is important for environment. Give your comments with reasons.

Ans:- B is a harmful organism but it is important for environment. Because it helps in decomposition of dead bodies and organic wastes, helps in removing jute fibres, only B fixes nitrogen in the soil.

(2) (a) What is virus?

Ans:- Virus is a microbe which is composed of only protein coating and nucleic acid and does not show any properties of life without living host.

(2) (b) Why is virus called acellular?

Ans:- Virus is called acellular because virus cell does not have wall plasma membrane organized nucleus cytoplasm etc.

(2)(c)  What are the reasons for telling sohail to use handkerchief?

Ans:- The reasons for telling Sohail to use handkerchief are if we use handkerchief when coughing the virus can not spread covering mouth in polluted area.

(2)(d) Analyse how Sohail would make others aware of the preventive measures against the disease.

Ans:- Sohail would tell others to cover their mouth during cough or sneeze, always use handkerchief, wash hand time to time properly etc for preventive measures against the disease.


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