NCTB Class 6 Science Chapter 13 Food and Nutrition Solution

NCTB Class 6 Science Chapter 13 “Food and Nutrition” Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 6 Science Solution Chapter 13 Food and Nutrition Solution Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher.

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 13 “Food and Nutrition”:

Board NCTB Bangladesh Board
Class 6
Subject Science
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Name Food and Nutrition

Chapter 13 “Food and Nutrition”

(1) Fill in the blanks:

(a) We get —-and —–from green leaf vegetables and fruits.

Ans:- Vitamin, mineral salts.

(b) Deficiency of vitamin A causes——.

Ans:- Delay in growth.

(c) The measuring unit energy in food—-.

Ans:- Kilocalorie.

(d) ——are made up of protein.

Ans:- Antibodies.

(e) —-prevents the decay and loss of protein in body.

Ans:-  Balanced diet.

(2) Groups

Multiple choice questions:-

(1)Which one is douluble in water

 Ans:- (b) Vitamin B – is soluble in water.

(2) Which one is animal protein?

Ans:- (b) Milk – is animals protein.

(3) Which food contains comparatively excess fat?

Ans:- (c) c – Contains comparatively excess fat.

(4) which one plays a role in cleaning alimentary canal-

Ans:- (a) (i) and (ii) – plays a role in cleaning alimentary canal.

Short answer question:

(1) Ans:-  Iron help in developing red blood cells protects from Anemia.

(2) Ans:- We eat food because food supplies us with energy that we need to work, we need to eat food for growth and development of our body. It protects us from diseases and repairs the decay and loss.

(3) Ans:-People cannot survive only by eating rice because human body also needs protein, fat, vitamin etc., for energy, growth, development and protection from the discuses. So people should eat different types of food for surviving.

(4) Ans:- The deficiency of Iodine causes goiter, thyroid problem etc.

(5) Ans:-When our daily diet lacks sufficient amount of vitamins then we will face problem in growth, development, digestive problem, hearth or nerve problem, bones and teeth problem etc.

Creative Questions:-

(1) (a) Ans:- Food supplies us energy, we need to eat food for growth, development of body. It protects us from diseases and repairs the decay and loss.

(1) (b) Ans:- The function of the food marked with ‘A’ are –

(i) Development and maintenance of bones and teeth.

(ii) Maintenance of healthy gum.

(iii) Healing Wonds.

(1) (d) Ans:- Yes, the foods shown in the diagram are suitable for balance diet. Because, we get carbohydrate from  D, protein from B, vitamin from A and C which we need in a balance diet.

(2) (a) Ans:- If someone does not maintain a balance or proper diet than he/she does not have enough nutrition. And faces problem in growth, she/he is likely to suffer from malnutrition.

(2) (b) Ans:- Marium is suffering from night blindness.

(2) (c) Ans:- The physician has suggested her to take colourful vegetables and fruits because from these foods we get vitamin which helps in growth, development of body, maintain good eye sight.

(2) (d) Ans:- Marium should maintain a proper or balance diet which helps to maintain growth, production of energy and keeping the body free from diseases.

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