Kseeb Class 6 Science Chapter 16 Solutions

Kseeb Class 6 Science Chapter 16 Garbage in, Garbage out Solutions

Welcome to NCTB Solutions. Here with this post we are going to help 6th class students by providing KSEEB Class 6 Science chapter 16 Solutions, Garbage in, Garbage out. Here students can easily find all the answers for Garbage in, Garbage out chapter. Also here our Expert Science Teacher’s solved all the exercise questions with easily understandable language with proper guidance so that all the students can understand easily. Here in this post students will get chapter 16 solutions. Here all the solutions are based on Karnataka State Board latest syllabus.

Class 6 Science Chapter 16 Garbage in, Garbage out Solutions

Garbage in, Garbage out Exercise Solutions

(2) Discuss :

(a) Is garbage disposal the responsibility only of the government?

Answer : 

No, The garbage disposal is not only the responsibility of government because the garbage Is not only of government we all make the garbage we should differentiate the garbage in to wet and dry , recycle and non degreed able useful and non useful and we try to do less garbage or reduce the accumulation of garbage in our house and city.

(b) Is it possible to reduce the problems relating to disposal of garbage?

Answer : 

Yes, it Is possible to reduce the problems relating to disposal of garbage. The problem of garbage is that it is increasing day by day simply it is burned or buried that makes the pollution and to reduce the pollution the problems relating to garbage we have to make less garbage differentiate it in useful and not useful

(3) (a) What do you do with the left over food at home?

Answer : 

The leftover food at home it is a main issue now days firstly we use the food we store it not to spoil and use it again and if we can’t use the food by some reason we give them to street animals and after that if we live in a village we degrade it and after some days it converts in fertilizer used in farming.

(b) If you and your friends are given the choice of eating in a plastic plate or a banana leaf platter at a party, which one would you prefer and why?

Answer : 

I prefer banana leaf plate because it is a plant material which can be decay when in nature as we throw it after using. And plastic plate can not decay in nature.

(4) (a) Collect pieces of different kinds of paper. Find out which of these can be recycled.

Answer : 

The paper is made from natural ingredient so all paper are recyclable and only the plastic paper are not recyclable.

(b) With the help of a lens look at the pieces of paper you collected for the above question. Do you see any difference in the material of recycled paper and a new sheet of paper?

Answer : 

Off course there is a difference the recycled paper are two time processed so it is thick as to the new sheet hence there is a difference.

(5) (a) Collect different kinds of packaging material. What was the purpose for which each one was used? Discuss in groups.

Answer : 

Cardboard packing material used for mainly all the dry purpose cardboard packing is used for all the packing in the upper side in box form it is used in shoes mobile parcel etc.

Plastic packing material it is used in all type to keep it product as it is it is used in clothing oil pouches snack packing etc.

(b) Give an example in which packaging could have been reduced?

Answer : 

Packing many quantity in one reusing packing material and etc are the example in which packing could have been reduced.

(c) Write a story on how packaging increases the amount of garbage.

Answer : 

The packing is just used to keep the product good condition or fresh as it is the more packing the more garbage and now days the packing is so fancy so the garbage in all increases we can see if we ordered something the parcel comes with a lot of packing hence with a lot of plastic garbage.

(6) Do you think it is better to use compost instead of chemical fertilisers? Why?

Answer : 

Yes the compost is very good for farming it is naturally made and and easy to use as we know the chemical fertilizer is made in factory which makes pollution and has a bad effect on soil and plant they do a verse effect on spoil the fertility of soil decreases day by day but the compost is natural made by storing the natural waste and let them decompose and have a next state as fertilizer which is natural.


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