Balbharati Class 7 English Solutions Chapter 2.1 From a Railway Carriage

Balbharati Class 7 English Solutions Chapter 2.1 From a Railway Carriage

Welcome to NCTB Solutions. Here with this post we are going to help 7th class students for the Solutions of Balbharati Class 7 English Book Unit Two, Chapter 2.1, From a Railway Carriage. Here students can easily find step by step solutions of all the questions in From a Railway Carriage. Also our Expert English Teacher’s solved all the problems with easily understandable language with proper guidance so that all the students can understand easily. Here in this post students will get chapter 2.1 solutions. Here all the Question Answer are based on Balbharati latest syllabus. Here all the question and answer are based on Maharashtra State Board latest syllabus.

Chapter 2.1 : From a Railway Carriage Exercise question Solutions

Question no – (2) 

Answer : 

The pairs of rhyming words are as follows :

  • witches-ditches.
  • battle-cattle.
  • plain-rain.
  • scrambles-brambles.
  • gazes-daisies.
  • road-load.
  • river-ever.
  • eye-by.

Question no – (3) 

Answer : 

(1) From a railway carriage the bridges, houses, hedges and ditches appear faster than fairies and witches. The horses and cattle in the meadows seem like troops of battle.

(2) in the second stanza, the hills and plains appear as thick driving rain when it is seen from a railway carriage. The railway carriage goes so fast that the painted stations go away in the wink of an eye.

(3) In the third stanza, the child clambers and scrambles for gathering brambles. The tramp stands to gaze and the green field is stringing the daisies.

Question no – (4) 

Answer : 

(1) The sights are said to fly because they goes away so fast in a wink of an eye before realizing the beauty of the things.

(2) The last line makes me sad because all the sights goes away forever within a glimpse and does not allow viewers to see the beauty for long time.

Question no – (6) 

Answer : 

Charging along like troops in a battle.

Fly as thick as driving rain. Using your imagination, write one or two comparisons • each with,

like : marching along like army in a parade.

As… : the cloud is looking as white as snow.

Question no – (7) 

Answer : 

See from a bus :

When see from the window,

The carts and people on the street

Go away in a flash.

When restart after every stoppage,

The back sets behind.


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