NCTB Class 9 – 10 English Chapter 10 Dreams Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 9 – 10 English Solution Chapter 10 Dreams Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher NCTB Class 9 – 10 English Solution- Unit 10 Dreams All Lessons – Lesson 2: What I dream to Be , Lesson 3: They had dreams, Lesson 4: The had dreams (Part – 2)  

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Lesson 2: What I dream to Be

(A) Read the following words. How are they related to dreams?

Imagination, emotion, passion, obsessions, strong desire, colour, rosy, future, mind, brain, plan.

Ans: They are related to dreams. If anyone wants to select an aim it depends on imagination, emotion and passion. If you wants success, he needs strong desire. He has to know life is not a rosy bed. He had to face problems. He has to make proper plan so this words are related to dreams.

(B) Work in groups and discuss the following question.

(1) Do you consider dreams important for life? Why/why not?

Ans: Yes, I consider dreams important for life. Without dreams anyone doesn’t have aim and plan. Without aim it is impossible to reach a goal.

(2) What do you dreams at this moment as a student?

Ans: I dreamt to be a teacher.

(3) What according to you, does Bangladesh dream now?

Ans: Bangladesh dreams to be a develop country.

(4) Give examples of some dreams that were commonly shared by Bangladesh as a nation.

Ans: Bangladesh as a nation dreams to be free proverty, hunger, corruption, illiteracy.

(5) Do you think the world has any common dream? What is that?

Ans: I think, one green world free from hunger, proverty, war and environment pollution is the common dream of world.

Lesson 3: They had dreams (Part – 1)

Column A Column B
Graduated Took university degree
Activist A member of a certain social or political group
Movement Activities
Gender discrimination Difference between male and female
Colonial rule Rule by another country
Combat Fight
Gradually Socially
Resistance Battle
Notorious Dishonorable
Assign Give responsibilities

 (D) Answer the question:

(1) Where did Pritilata fight?

Ans: Pritilata fought in Chattogram. In 1932, She attact on the Pritilata European- club.

(2) When did she fight?

Ans: In 1932 she faught against British Government.

(3) Why did she fight?

Ans: She faught against the British rule, because she wanted her motherland free from British colonial rule.

(4) What was Pritilata profession?

Ans: Pritilata was the head teacher of Nandan kanan Aparna Charan School in Chattogram.

(5) What do you learn from Aritilata’s life?

Ans: We should fight against illegal activities and served for the country.

(E) Now make questions from the substitution table and match the answers.

(1) What did she graduate in?

Ans: Philosophy.

(2) Who assigned Pritilata to attack?

Ans: Surya Sen.

(3) What was the club famous for?

Ans: For its notorious sign-dogs and Indians not allowed.

(4) How did Pritilata die?

Ans: She committed suicide by taking potassium cyanide.

(5) Where was the Pahartali European club?

Ans: In Chattogram.

(6) Why did she take armed training?

Ans: To fight against the British rule.

(7) Where was she born?

Ans: In Chattogram.

Lesson 4: The had dreams (Part – 2)

(C) Use appropriate information from the text above to complete the grid.

Zahir Raihan
Participated in Famous as Best documentary Movie based  on language movement Missing since His dream
The Liberation war language movement Film maker Stop genocide “Jibon Thake Neya” 30 December 1971 A democratic society


(D) Read the following sentence and complete them.

(1) Zahir Raihan is famous as film maker.

(2) Raihan was imprisoned because he participated in the procession on 21th February 1952.

(3) He participated in the language movement and liberation war.

(4) ‘Jibon Theke Neya’ symbolises the language movement of 1952.

(5) He donated money to the freedom fighters trust.

(6) He worked to organise world sentiment against Pakistani atrocities by his great documentary stop Genocide.

(7) His disappearance is a great event in the history of Bangladesh.


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