Balbharati Class 5 Environmental Studies Part 1 Solutions Chapter 17 Clothes Our Necessity

Balbharati Class 5 Environmental Studies Part 1 Solutions Chapter 17 Clothes Our Necessity

Welcome to NCTB Solutions. Here with this post we are going to help Maharashtra State board 5th class students by providing Balbharati Class 5 Environmental Studies Part 1 Solutions for Chapter 17, Clothes – Our Necessity. Here students can easily find all the answers for the questions in Clothes – Our Necessity. Also our Expert Environmental Studies Teacher’s solved all the question answer with easily understandable language with proper guidance so that all the students can understand easily. Here on this post students will get chapter 17 Clothes – Our Necessity solutions. Here all the Question Answer are based on Balbharati latest syllabus. Here all the question and answer are based on Maharashtra State Board latest syllabus.

Clothes – Our Necessity Exercise question Solutions :

Question no – (1) 

Answer : 

The following objects that I would like to own are :

(A) Water bottle

(B) Bicycle

(C) Ball

(D) Tiffin box

These are the objects that I would like to use by myself.

  • Water bottle :

Water is very essential for a person to stay healthy and hydrated. So it is always important to carry a water bottle wherever we are travelling because insufficient water intake can lead to major water deficiency issues. For that reason I have kept water bottle in my top priority list.

  • Bicycle :

Using bicycle has benefits in several ways like it helps to reduce pollution, to perform exercises. I have chosen bicycle because with the help of bicycle I can ride to my friend’s house and can discuss the study materials.

  • Ball :

After an action packed day, it is always essential for oneself to indulge in some recreation activities. So, playing with a ball can enhance the level of fitness.

  • Tiffin box :

A lunch box is very essential for an active person. A properly packed healthy snacks can help to provide the daily nutrients that is necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Question no – (2) 

Answer : 

Punjabi suits and Punjabi salwar are the traditional outfits for almost all age group women which depicts their feminine beauty and now there is a world wide craze for this apparel. In cultural events, Punjabi salwar suits are the favorable choice for most of the women’s in India. On wedding occasions, most of the girls prefers to wear salwar kameez because of it’s varied advantage of flawless style, utter luxury and tremendous comfort outfit. These dresses are a suitable match for all kinds of traditional functions or a wedding ceremony. Salwar kameez are traditional and party wear, so I would choose to wear a gorgeous salwar kameez on a ‘traditional day’.

Question no – (3) 

Answer : 

State : Fabric/ Garment :
Maharashtra Kurta, caps, Paithani, dhoti, Lugda, pheta
Gujarat Chaniya choli, chunni, Patola silk saree, Silk bandhani saree
Punjab Punjabi salwar suit, Patiala silk saree,turban, pajama
Odisha Kataki sari, Sambalpuri sari, Bomkai sari, kurta
West Bengal Dhoti, Punjabi, Balucharisilk saree, Jamdani saree, Tant saree, kantha saree
Karnataka Mysore silk, Kanchipuram silks, rich silk, Chiffon saree, Dhoti, Lungi


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