Balbharati Class 5 Environmental Studies Part 1 Solutions Chapter 14 Transport

Balbharati Class 5 Environmental Studies Part 1 Solutions Chapter 14 Transport

Welcome to NCTB Solutions. Here with this post we are going to help Maharashtra State board 5th class students by providing Balbharati Class 5 Environmental Studies Part 1 Solutions for Chapter 14, Transport. Here students can easily find all the answers for the questions in Transport. Also our Expert Environmental Studies Teacher’s solved all the question answer with easily understandable language with proper guidance so that all the students can understand easily. Here on this post students will get chapter 14 Transport solutions. Here all the Question Answer are based on Balbharati latest syllabus. Here all the question and answer are based on Maharashtra State Board latest syllabus.

Transport Exercise question Solutions :

Question no – (1) 

Answer : 

Here are the five sentences for how we have benefited from transport facilities :

  • I can regularly attend educational institutions by bus .
  • I can travel to distant distances in a very short period of time.
  • I can ride to my friend’s house on my bicycle and can discuss about the study materials.
  • Sick persons from my area can easily reach the hospital with the help of ambulance.
  • Transport facilities have helped me to save my time, which I could utilize on executing my work.

Question no – (2) 

Answer : 

Four other facilities that have become available in the local area due to transport facilities are as follows :

  • Due to transport facilities, there are ample availability of fresh fruits and vegetables in the local area.
  • It has helped the shopkeepers to carry their goods by transport.
  • With the help of transport facilities, we can easily avail newspapers and milk on a regular basis.
  • There are establishment of several factories in the locality and the factory workers can easily reach their workplace with the help of transport.

Question no – (3) 

Answer : 

Following are the solutions to reduce the burden on the local transport :

  • Unnecessary travelling should be avoided and one should travel only when it is essential.
  • People cab share vehicles of each other. It is an effective way to lessen the load on public transport.
  • If the distance is too short, then one should choose walking rather than using local transport. Walking helps to keep our heart and body fit and healthy.
  • Using bicycle has benefits in several ways, like it helps to reduce pollution, to perform exercises and also it helps to reduce the burden on local transport.

Question no – (4) 

Answer : 

There is a temple in my locality which is the least polluted area, which is not too far from my local area. This area is least polluted because very few vehicles go there and people in that locality mostly prefer walking to nearby places rather than using any local transport. So as a result of which, there is limited pollution in that area. As it is the least polluted area, so it may not cause major breathing discomfort to sensitive people and healthy people can take the full advantage of outdoor activities.

Question no – (5) 

Answer : 

LPG = Liquified Petroleum Gas > for working.

CNG = Compressed Natural Gas > for vehicles as fuels.

Question no – (6) 

Answer : 

(a) In general, almost all vehicles make pollution. In this picture, the bus is causing the most pollution.

(b) Some problem might have occurred on it’s engine, so it should be immediately repaired. A time to time proper maintenance should be done. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) should be used in order to reduce the pollution that is caused by this vehicle. After manufacturing if it is seen that the bus is old enough to operate, then it should be restricted from transport.


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