NCTB Class 9-10 Science Chapter 14 Science to Save Life Solution

NCTB Class 9-10 Science Chapter 14 “Science to Save Life” Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 9-10 Science Solution Chapter 14 Science to Save Life Solution Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher.

NCTB Solution Class 9-10 Chapter 14 “Science to Save Life”:


NCTB Bangladesh Board

9 – 10 (Nine – Ten Classes)




Chapter Name

Science to Save Life

  • Multiple choice question

1) Which one is used for the treatment of cancer?

a) MRI b) chemotherapy

C) angiography d) ultrasonography

Answer:- b) chemotherapy

2) Which one is applied in endoscopy?

a) Refraction of light

b) Emits electrical waves

c) Total internal reflection of light

a) ii b) iii c) I and ii d) ii and iii

Answer:- b) iii

  • Read the article below and answer the question no. 3 and 4.

Mr. Rafik felt a pain in the chest he went to (diagnose) it. During the investigation a special type of liquid was pushed through the blood vessel of Mr. Rafik.

3) Which investigation (diagnosis) was done by mr. Rafik?

1) Endoscopy 2) angiography

3) chemotherapy.     4) tungsten

Answer:- 2) angiography

4) What substance was pushed through the blood vessel of mr. Rafik.?

A) A liquid – dye

B) liquid oxygen

C) Molybdenum

D) Tungsten

Answer:- a) A liquid dye

  • Creative question

Que. 1] mr. Rahman is suffering from bellyache for a long time. He saw a doctor for this problem the doctor advised him to go for endoscopy . On the other hand sumon, the son of Mr. Rahman suddenly fell from the stair sustained a blow and fractured his hand. Subsequently, he went to the doctor, the doctor the doctor advised him to go for X- ray.

1) Write the full name of MRI?

Answer:-the full name of MRI is magnetic resonance imaging.

2) What does it mean by radiotherapy?

Answer:-the radiotherapy is the abbreviation of English term ‘radiation therapy’. Radiotherapy is the use of radiation in the treatment of any disease. It is mainly use in cancer therapy. In radiotherapy high power x- ray is used to destroyed cancer cells. Through this x ray the DNA in the Cancer cell is destroyed so that the cells don’t multiply. By using a radiotherapy a tumor is shortened before or the remaining part after surgery is demolished.

3) Why did the doctor advised sumon to go for x-ray?

Answer:-x ray Is a electromagnetic wave. With the help of x- ray displaced bone, fractured and broken bones can be easily identified. X ray is a high power ray which could obtained a picture from the photographic plate through the muscles of the body. Thus doctor advised sumon to go for x-ray.

4) How much effective is endoscopy to diagnose the disease of mr. Rahman? Give opinion.

Answer:- the procedure of watching a organ or hole inside the body directly from the outside for any medical cause, is called endoscopy.With the help of endoscopy the internal parts of hollow organs can be tested. Mr. Rahman has suffering from  the bellyache. Bellycan be observed from inside by using endoscopy.

Que. 2] mr. Rashid was returning from his office, suddenly the car fell on an accident mr.rashidsustained a hit on the head and became unconscious. Colleagues took him to a doctor.he was  advised to go for CT scan. After few days, mr. Rashid’s brother felt terrific pain in the chest. He saw a doctor the doctor advised him to go for ECG.

1) What is angiography?

Answer:- angiography is used to watch blood vessels of the body through x- ray. As blood vessels cannot be seen clearly with common x ray. A special contrast material or contrast coloured liquid dye is injected through the blood vessel during the angiography test. Right at the part of the blood vessel, a fine is pushed there to pass the dye through blood vessels, this hollow tube is called catheter. After passing the dye for he particular place with catheter , x ray of that place is taken. Because of the existence of the dye the blood vessel can be seen clearly. Thus the angiography is done.

2) What does it mean by ultra-sonography?

Answer:- the photographs of inside organ and muscle of the body are taken with the help of ultrasonography. To do it eco of the ultrasonic wave is used. As the Sonic wave has the frequency of 1 to 10 megahertz, it is called ultrasonography.

3) Why did the doctor advice mr. Rashid to go for CT scan?

Answer:-the word CT scan is the computed tomography scan. With the help ofCT scanwe can obtain a three dimensional image of the internal parts of the patients body. This machine can draw perfect three dimensional pictures of internal body organs without entering into the body. CT scan of the brain can detect whatever there is any brain haemorrhage, any swelling of veins or any existence of tumour. Thus doctor advised mr. Rashid to go for CT scan.

4) Analyse the role of ECG in the medical treatment of mr. Rashid’s brother.

Answer:-the term ECG means electro cardio gram. Through ECG electrical and muscle related activities of human heart are observed. Without any external stimulation human heart can produce micro electrical signal which spreads inside muscle and creates heart beat. By using ECG machine we can detect these electrical signals of our heart. The electrical signals are collected from each of the electrode when these are printed it is called electrocardiogram.  If there is any abnormality occurs in heart of man the electrical signals are different from the normal person. Thus mr. Rashid’s brother was advised for an ECG.

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