NCTB Class 7 English Chapter 1 Attention, Please Solution

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NCTB Class 7 English Chapter 1 Attention, Please Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 7 English Solution Chapter 1 Attention, Please Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 7 English Solution Unit 1 Attention, Please All Lessons In the Classroom, Outside School, In the House, In the Street, At a bookshop, In a restaurant, At a railway station.

NCTB Solution Class 7 Chapter 1 Attention, Please


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Chapter Name

Attention, Please

Lesson- 2 Outside School

(B) (1) A: Could you lend me your English book for a day?

B: Sorry, I can’t I need to read it tonight.

(2) A: Could you give me 50 taka?

B: Sorry, I can’t I have only 20 taka with me.

(3) A: would you give me your calculator, please?

B: Yes, of course, I can.

(4) A: would you get me a notebook and a ball pen for the stations?

B: Yes of course, I can.

(5) A: can you put my box in the car, please?

B: Yes, of course I will.

(c) Make requests using the clues.

(1) You want someone to help you with the washing.

Answer: Could you help me with washing?

(2) You want someone to give you change for a one hundred taka note?

Answer: Would you please give me change for a one hundred taka note?

(3) You want someone to wait a minute?

Answer: Can you wait a minute, please?

(4) You want someone to carry your bag.

Answer: Would you carry bag please?

(5) You wanted some to call you a ricksaw?

Answer: Can you call me ricksaw please?

Lesson 3 In the House

(c) Match the sentences in column A with suitable answers in column B.

(1) Would you read the shopping list? (d)
(2) Will you go to the market, please? (f)
(3) Will you buy me one litre of cooking oil please? (h)
(4) Would you buy me save rice? (g)
(5) Would you need save money (c)
(6) Would you like some tea? (e)
(7) Would you scotch on the TV. Please? (a)
(8) Would you tell her to watch TV at 10 pm. (b)

Lesson – 5 At a Bookshop

(1) What do you mean by ‘in stock, and ‘out of stock’?

Answer: ‘In stock’ mean these is a lots of available objects or things. If any people wants anything that moment they get it, easily, Out of stock mean there is a lack of availability of any things or objects, that if anyone wants to take it, but they can’t

(2) Who are talking in this conversation?

Answer: A buyer can student and a seller are talking in this conversation.

(3) Where is the conversation taking place?

Answer: The conversation is started at a bookshop.

(4) How many books does the student want?

Answer: Only one book wants the students.

(5) What books does he want to buy?

Answer: He wants to buy one English grammar book one Bengali grammar book etc.

(6) How much do the books cost?

Answer: The books cost 400 taka only.

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