NCTB Class 9-10 Science Chapter 13 The World is Getting Smaller Solution

NCTB Class 9-10 Science Chapter 13 “The World is Getting Smaller” Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 9-10 Science Solution Chapter 13 The World is Getting Smaller Solution Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher.

NCTB Solution Class 9-10 Chapter 13 “The World is Getting Smaller”:


NCTB Bangladesh Board

9 – 10 (Nine – Ten Classes)




Chapter Name

The World is Getting Smaller

  • Multiple choice question

1) Which one is the mother of all network?

a) E- mail b) internet

c) Mobile d) telephone

Answer:-b) internet

2) Applicable for computer?

a) Computer cannot make mistakes it identify the mistake

b) Computer can correct the mistake itself.

c) Computer can work tirelessly and correctly

a) I and ii b) I and iii

c) ii and iii d) I, ii, and iii

Answer:- d) I, ii, and iii

  • Answer questions 3 and 4 from the figure below.

3) which one is effective to hear weather forecast?

a) P b) Q c) R d) S

Answer:-d) S

4) Excessive use of the instrument ‘p’

1) May cause headache and vomitting tendency.

2) May cause convolutions and high blood pressure.

3) May have sound sleep.

a) I and ii b) I and iii

c) ii and iii d) I, ii and ii

Answer:- a) I and ii

  • Creative question

Que. 1]  Farhan and Fahad play computer game and watch television if they find time. Farhan watches television sitting near the TV. Recently farhan feels pain in the finger and burning effect in eyes. Mother forbids farhan not to operate computer and not to watch television sitting very near to the television.

1) What are the fundamental colour of coloured television.

Answer:- for the transmission of colour picture, the television camera takes snap of every picture in three basic colours – red, green, and blue (RGB) . These are the three fundamental colours of colour television.

2) What does it mean by digital signal?

Answer:-the signal of ever changing information or data can be processed in different way, for that it’s value is assessed frequently and concerted Into a kind of digit. Then this value of digit is serially preserved. When the magnitude of a signal is converted into digit, it is called digital signal.

3) Describe the mechanical techniques of the first instrument in the figure?

Answer:-figure one is of television remote. Which is a electronic device. The mechanical technique of the remote is, based on the an electronic communication system. Any electronic communication system has one transmitter , one communication medium and one receiver. The massage is made by the person on the remote , later it sends the massage through the communication medium with the help of the transmitter. The receiver receives it i.e television receives it and thus the process is carried out.

4) Analyse the causes of the problem of Farhan mentioned in the citation above?

Answer:-extensive use of information and technology creates health problems. Those who play game in computer for a long time fall victim to health problems as they feel pain on the top of the finger like the piercing with needle there, develops a blister on the top of the finger and sometimes fingers well up etc.Without taking rest in the gap of the work any person working with the computer for a long time suffer from different kinds of eye problems.

Que. 2] Nazrul Islam Always works with internet. One day seeing an advertisement for a job abroad in the internet when he submitted an application for the post he was asked from the other end to send copies of his necessary papers and orginal certificates. He sent the papers within few minutes by a special process instead of scanning the papers.

1) What is hardware?

Answer:-the term hardware refers to mechanical device that makes up computer or electronic device. A moniter , CPU, mouse , keyboard this are examples of hardware.

2) What is meant by the audio signal?

Answer:-The electronic device which is called microphone converts the voice into electrical signal, that signal is amplified with the help of an amplifier, the coil present in the microphone that is diaphragm vibrates with the vibration of sound wave. This is called the electric signal or audio signal.

3) Explain the effectiveness of the first time communication medium used by NazrulIslam.

Answer:-the first time communication medium used by the Nazrul Islam was internet. The inter connection of various networks within themselves is called internet.  Internet is a network of networks where private , public, educational, institutions, trade, and commerce, government, non- government, local or global all types of networks are involved.  To prepare this large network various types of electronic , wireless and fiber optic network technology have been used. By using internet, now various types of information can be exchanged, many kinds of services can be provided.

4) Why did the Nazrul Islam sent the necessary papers in special process of internet? Analyse.

Answer:-the abbreviation of electronic mail is e- mail. And by email as mean digital exchange of information between two persons bg using network through digital devices like computer , tablet, and smartphone and so on. E-mail , internet or various social network have opened a new doors of prospect for us. Nazrul Islam was posting an application in another country for a job where personally he couldn’t give the original documents. But the internet and e-mail can send this document within a minute where he wants to send it. Thus the narzrul Islam sent the necessary papers by email.

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