NCTB Class 9 – 10 English Chapter 2 Pastimes Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 9 – 10 English Solution Chapter 2 Pastimes Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 9 – 10 English Solution Unit 2 Pastimes All Lessons – Lesson 1 Have You any Favorite Pastime?, Lesson 2 Reading Really Helps!, Lesson 3 Change in Pastime

NCTB Solution Class 9 – 10 Chapter 2 Pastimes


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Lesson 1: Have you any favourite Pastime?

(1) Why does “Anusha like going to the gym?

Answer: Anusha likes to going the gym because she likes sports because she like to be fit. And she is not a lazy person.

(2) What are her pastimes?

Answer: Her pastimes are like playing chess, painting, and reading books, when she is free. She also like photography but yet to learn it.

(3) Make a list of Tiya’s pastimes?

Answer: (1) Watching TV,

(2) Listening to music

(3) Reading books and magazines and

(4) Playing games on the computer.

(5) Gardening

(4) How will Tiya about learn Yoga?

Answer: “Because Tiya don’t know much about Yoga, Anusha will give her an article on it. It will help her to know about Yoga.

(D) Discuss these questions. Give your own opinions.

(1) How does exercise work on memory?

Answer: By keeping our mood calm, quite, balanced and concentrated exercise works on our memory.

(2) What other benefits can you think of from exercise?

Answer: Exercise keeps a man fit both physically and mentally. It removes in digestion. It also protects man from many diseases.

(3) What is the most important benefits of exercise to you and why?

Answer: I can keep my body fit by taking exercise and it is the most important benefits of exercise to me because it ensures strength, mind health.

(E) Complete the sentences.

(a) Yoga is a particle of posture and breathing exercise.

(b) Traditional Yoga works through behavior, diet and meditation.

(c) Yoga is very effective in managing stress.

(d) Through the poses of balance and concentration Yoga draws your focus away from your busy chaotic day towards calm.

(e) Yoga results in increased fitness.

(f) Yoga can reduce or work for heart rate and blood pressure.

(g) Yoga can control over weight.

(h) Yoga cannot cure 100 percent but it can help some health conditions when combined with standard treatment.

(F) Check (Right) the statements about yoga below.

(a) Yoga improves fitness (Right) (e) It works both on body and mind together. (Right)
(b) Yoga has little to do with eating habits ( ) (f) It helps practitioners undergo similar level of difficulty. (Right)
(c) It may differ according to practitioners levels. (Right) (g) If you know yoga. You have real control over your real life hazards. (Right)


(d) It helps people shake off all types of physical and mental disorders ( ) (h) It also helps you live longer. (Right)


(H) Read the statements of the following grid. First match the parts in column B with column C to make complete sentences. Then make questions for the statements in column A.

Column A Column B Column C
(1) What is the fact about Magura Despite the fact that Magura is a district headquarters Besides his studies
(2) When was his father a sports per son (2) His father was a sportsman. (b) It is a small town.
(3) How does he encourage him? (3) He encourages Shyam to participate is games and sports (c) In his student life.
(4) When does Shyam enjoy playing different games and sports? (4) Shyam enjoys playing different games and sports. (d) During break at school.
(5) Who walks with him? (5) He walks (e) On different TV channels.
(6) How long (6) They walk (f) With his father.
(7) Why does he prefers programmes on nature and life (7) He prefers programmes nature and life (g) For their educative values
(8) What does he watch on TV channels (8) He watches sports programmes. (h) For about an hour

Lesson 2: Reading really helps!

(1) What makes London Olympic 2012 exceptionally sensational?

Answer: Performance of Michael Phelps and Usain bolt make London Olympic 2012 exceptionally sensational.

(2) How are Phelps and bolt brilliantly similar and different?

Answer: They both are the popular athletes. They made London Olympics stand apart. But Michael Phelps has declared to retire from race. On the other hand, Usain bolt is only 25 years old.

(3) Between these two Olympians who has bagged the highest honour within the same time frame?

Answer: Bolt has bagged the highest honour within the some time frame.

(4) What is special in bolt so far?

Answer: Bolt has won six gold medals in six Olympic finals.

(5) How does bolt evaluate himself?

Answer: Bolt evaluates himself as a legend.

(C) Make two flow charts on Michael Phelps and Usain bolt. The first two are done for you.

Michael Phelps:

The greatest swimmer ever à An American the highest Olympic needs winner à The most decorated Olympian ever à One of the most dominating figure in Beijing Olympic 2018.

Usain Bolt:

The most successful sprinter à The fastest man in the world à Six gold medals winner in six Olympic final à One of the youngest sprinter in the world.

(D) Read the following text and complete the blank spaces with the appropriate words from the box below.

Answer, Sprinter, Olympians, Speed, Olympics, Swimmer, Debate, Legends, Retired prove, histories, Biggest.

These are the stories of two most successful Olympians of history. While one is famous. As the fastest swimmer the other is celebrated, as the fastest sprinter of the world. However both are unparalleled for their speed in their own field. They made history in the Beijing Olympics. They have made newer histories in the London Olympics too. They are the living legends now. Though Phelps has retired from his race, bolt has prospects to prove himself in the next Olympic as well. After the biggest show on earth is over in London, this debate will go on-who is better. Only time will answer this question.

(E) Decide who is better between these two bests? Give arguments in favour of your decisions.

Answer: I think Usain Bolt is better than these two bests. I think so, because he is only 25 years old. And he can make more record than Michael Phelps. Besides, Usain Bolt won 6 gold medals in 6 Olympic finals.

Lesson 4: Change in Pastimes in Bangladesh

(1) What are the gender policy of the surveyors?

Answer: The gender policy of the surveyors is equity since each class has 30 male and 30 female students.

(2) What are the survey findings regarding watching television?

Answer: The survey findings watching television is the second choice for the second group.

(3) Which age group in more interested in socializing with other?

Answer: Students in classes 9-10 are more interested in socializing with others.

(4) According to the chart, how do the kids change their pastimes when they are grown up? What changes does the chart for 9-10 reflect?

Answer: The Chart shows that as the kids grow up, they lose their passion for computer games. According to the chart ratio declines to 8.27% from 20.9& when the kids are students of classes 9-10.

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