NCERT Science Solutions Class 6 for 2023-24

NCERT Science Solutions Class 6 for 2023-24

Welcome to NCTB Solution. Here with this page we are going to help all the class 6 students to solve the Ncert Science Text book. Here in this page students will get all the solution from chapter 1 Components of Food to all the way chapter 11 Air Around Us. Here all the solutions are based on NCERT latest 2023-24 syllabus.

NCERT Science Class 6 all Chapters Solutions :

Chapter 1 : Components of Food πŸ‘‰ Solutions
Chapter 2 : Sorting Materials into Groups πŸ‘‰ Solutions
Chapter 3 : Separation of Substances πŸ‘‰ Solutions
Chapter 4 : Getting To Know Plants πŸ‘‰ Solutions
Chapter 5 : Body Movements πŸ‘‰ Solutions
Chapter 6 : The Living Organisms – Characteristics and Habitats πŸ‘‰ Solutions
Chapter 7 : Motion and Measurement of Distances πŸ‘‰ Solutions
Chapter 8 : Light, Shadows and Reflections πŸ‘‰ Solutions
Chapter 9 : Electricity and Circuits πŸ‘‰ Solutions
Chapter 10 : Fun with Magnets πŸ‘‰ Solutions
Chapter 11 : Air Around Us πŸ‘‰ Solutions

Here on this Page we cover all the chapters of Ncert class 6 Science Text book. Here students will get all the exercise question answer for all the chapters of the Science book. Our Expert Science Teacher’s solved all the problems by easy to understandable way with proper guidance. Hope this page will be helpful for all students.

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