NCTB Class 7 English Chapter 4 People Who Make a Difference Solution

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NCTB Class 7 English Chapter 4 People Who Make a Difference Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 7 English Solution Chapter 4 People Who Make a Difference Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 7 English Solution Unit 4 Lesson 1: A Teacher; Lesson 2: A teacher (2); Lesson 3: Whose Child is This?; Lesson 4 Fixed price shop; Lesson 5: Mortality Shop; Lesson 6 The homemaker (1); Lesson 7 The homemaker (2); Lesson 8 Hridoy gets a letter from his cousin; Lesson 9: A friend of the poor; Lesson 10: Waiting for a torch bearer; Lesson 11: A hospital window.

NCTB Solution Class 7 Chapter 4 People Who Make a Difference


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Chapter Name

People Who Make a Difference

Lesson 6: The homemaker (1) Solution

(A) Where do you think the family lives?

Answer: The family lives in a village.

(B) (1) In picture 1, we see a woman cooking.

(2) In picture 2, we see some members of a family eating and the woman serving food.

(3) In picture 3, we see the man going out for work.

(4) In picture 4, we see the woman, harvesting crops.

(5) In picture 5, we see the children playing.

(6) In picture 6, we see the woman separating grains from dusk.

Ex-D make two lists of what Nazma and Joynul do in the table below.

List A (Nazma) List B (Joynul)
·       Cooks ·       Makes stools
·       Washes cloths ·       Works
·       Cleans ·       Repairs
·       Teaches ·       Brings food

 (E) Match the phrases/words with their meanings.

Phrases/words Meaning
Live from hand to mouth




Rain or shine






Spend all the money you earn on basic needs e.g. food and cloths-you cannot save any money.


In good or bad weather


all the letters in a language


A person who does not know

how to read and write

 Lesson 7 The homemaker (2) Solution

(B) Read the text again and tick the best answer:

(1) Joynul was angry with everybody because –

Answer: (c) He did not find any work in his village and in the next village.

(2) Joynul shouted loudly at Nazma because –

Answer: (a) She could not give him food in time.

(3) It will take ages. The underlined words mean –

Answer: (b) A very long time will be needed.

(4) Who should run the family?

Answer: (c) Joynul and Nazma.

(5) What can make a family happy?

Answer: (a) Money and house work.

(6) All members in a family should –

Answer: (b) Live together and support each other.

(7) What do you think Joynul should do from now? He should –

Answer: (c) Help Nazma with her work when he can.

(8) Why does Joynul finally look at Nazma with deep admiration and gratitude?

Answer: (b) He was understood the value of sharing work in the family.

Lesson 8 Hridoy gets a letter from his cousin Solution

(A) Have you ever visited any hospital or healthcare Centre? If yes, fill in the circles for a health care Centre. One is done for you.


Lesson 9: A friend of the poor Solution

(1) Dr. Mahmud Hassan was born in –

Answer: (a) A Village.

(2) What did Mr. Hassan do during the liberation war?

Answer: (b) He worked for the government.

(3) The sufferings of the poor people –

Answer: (b) Changed this mind for working for the poor.

(4) Dr. Hassan went to his village –

Answer: (a) After he gave up his job.

(5) Dr. Hassan set up a health care Centre –

Answer: (c) With his own money.

(6) The health assistants give treatment to the sick people –

Answer: (a) In and outside the centre.

Lesson 10: Waiting for a torch bearer Solution

(c) Match the words with their meanings

Words Meanings
Take Charge of




Have control over

The situation of being poor

The feeling of happiness


(D) Ask and answer the questions.

(1) Is the healthcare support free to all?

Answer: Some people pay very little and very poor people get free treatment.

(2) Why is the doctor waiting for a torch bearer?

Answer: The doctor is waiting for a torch bearer because he is getting old.

(3) Who will be in charge of the Centre?

Answer: A new generation doctor will be in charge of the centre.

(4) Do you think the money he gets from the patients in enough to run the centre? Why do you think so?

Answer: No, it is not enough. Because some people pay a little and the very poor people do not pay. So it’s not enough to run the centre. Because for maintain the whole centre, they must need huge amount of rupees.

(E) Fill in the gaps the right form of verbs given in the box. You can use a word more than once.

I want to help the poor people. I will do it to give healthcare support to the poor. They do not get treatment because of poverty. So my dream is to be a doctor. To help the poor people, I will choose my village to work.

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