NCTB Class 7 English Chapter 8 Likes and Dislikes Solution

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NCTB Class 7 English Chapter 8 Likes and Dislikes Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 7 English Solution Chapter 8 Likes and Dislikes Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 7 English Solution Unit 8 Lesson 1: I like folk song; Lesson 2: Kobita’s village; Lesson 3: Paul visits Sundarpur; Lesson 4 Paul visits kobita’s house; Lesson 5: Paul and his family;.

NCTB Solution Class 7 Chapter 8 People Who Make a Difference


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Chapter Name

Likes and Dislikes

Likes and dislikes

Lesson-1: I like folk song

(D) Ask and answer the questions in pairs.

(1) Why doesn’t Kobita like classical music?

Answer: Kobita doesn’t understand classical music that much. So she doesn’t like classical music.

(2) What does Kobita’s father think about pop music?

Answer: Kobita’s father hates pop music because they dont appeal to emotions. So he never watches pop musical programmes on Tv.

(3) Who is Kobita’s favourite singer?

Answer: Kobita’s favourite singer is Farida Parvin.

(4) What does Kobita think about her garden?

Answer: Kobita likes gardening. She have planted many flowers in her garden and when the flowers are in full bloom, She love to watch them. She just adore them.

(5) What does the sentence ‘I just adore them!” mean?

Answer: ‘I just adore them!’ mean to love something or someone too much a mean at high level. It’s mean to like something very much.

(E) Now make five sentences about what you adore, love, like and hate.

Answer: Adore – I adore my little sister.

Love – I love my parents.

Like – I like Bangla movies

Don’t like – I don’t like to study English book.

Hate – I hate vegetables.

Lesson-2: Kobita’s village

(A) Make questions from the table, then ask and answer them in pairs. Find how many of you like/dislike each of these five things.

(1) Do you like watching cricket on TV?

Answer: Yes, I enjoy it very much.

(2) Do you like reading ghost stories?

Answer: No, I don’t like to reading ghost stories because it is very scary.

(3) Do you like eating pineapples?

Answer: Yes, I like eating pineapples after completing my lunch.

(4) Do you like doing mathematics?

Answer: I don’t like to doing mathematics. It really very tough and so boring.

(5) Do you like getting up really?

Answer: Yes, I like getting up early morning. It also good for our health.


Lesson-3: Paul Visits sundarpur

(c) In pairs, discuss the following questions:

(1) Why did Paul go to Sundarpur high school?

Answer: Paul went to Sundarpur high school to meet the teachers and students there.

(2) Did Paul like the students and teachers of the school?

Answer: Yes, Paul like the students and teachers of the school because he was warmly greeted by all.

(3) How was Paul entertained at the school on his arrival?

Answer: Firstly Paul was warmly greeted by all, and he quite enjoyed the green coconut drink that was served on his arrival at the school.

(4) What did Paul talk about to the students of the school?

Answer: Paul talked about arsenic poisoning and explained how they would fought against arsenic poisoning.

(5) Why doesn’t Paul like riding rickshaws?

Answer: Paul doesn’t like riding rickshaws, More than he hates the idea of sitting idle while another person is pulling the rickshaw.

(E) Write your likes and dislikes in the gird below. Then compare your completed gird with a partner.

Things I really like Things I like
(1) I really like gossiping with my friend and watching movies. (1) I like to go shopping with my parents.
(2) I really like reading the story books. (2) I like drawing the pencil sketch.
(3) I really like to solve the tough equations in mathematics. (3) I like watching cricket on TV.


Things I dislike Things I really dis like
(1) I don’t like peanut butter (1) I really don’t like vegetables
(2) I don’t like horror movies (2) I really don’t like English books
(3) I don’t like solving the home work (3) I really don’t like my father’s anger.


Lesson-4: Paul visits kobita’s house

(1) What did Ms. Shahana love about Paul as she saw him first?

Answer: Ms. Shahana was a shy woman but Paul greeted her warmly in his newly learnt Bangla, “lemon achen”. Ms. Shahana loved hearing a foreigner to speak Bangla. This thing Ms. Shahana loved about Paul as she saw him first.

(2) Which two items of food did Paul skip while having lunch?

Answer: Paul was afraid of hot chillies so he skipped dried fish bhorta. He also does not like eating fresh onions. So he skipped the smashed potato which had chopped fresh onions in it.

(3) What item of food did Paul especially like?

Answer: Paul especially liked the dessert made of rice, gur, milk and coconut and drinking tea made of fresh cow milk.

(4) What was Paul been eating for the last few weeks? Did he like eating them?

Answer: Paul has been eating the same food and fried eggs for the last few weeks. No, he hates eating the same food for weeks.

(5) Why do you think Paul visited Kobita’s house?  

Answer: Kobita’s mother wanted Paul to write something for her school magazine, so I think Paul visited Kobita’s house.

(c) (1) Paul likes the tastes of all those delicious items.

(2) He is fond of the dessert made of rice, gur, milk and coconut.

(3) He enjoys the tastes of a variety of Bangladeshi Dishes.

(4) He loves

(5) He doesn’t like eating fresh onions.

(6) He is afraid of hot chillies.

(7) He hates eating the same food for weeks.

Lesson-5: Paul and his family

Things/activity Paul Sister Mother Father
Making sandwiches     Likes  
Cooking       Hates
Watching animals Love      
Spiders   Afraid    
Flies Don’t Like      
Sitting idly on grass Don’t like      
Watching others play Like Like    
Watching animals Love Love    


(D) Now write sentences using the table about people in Paul’s family and your family.

(1) Paul likes watching animals. I like watching animals too.

(2) His sister hates spiders but my sister does not hate them.

(3) Paul’s family like having picnic, our family also like having picnic.

(4) Paul’s mother likes making sandwiches for them. My mother don’t likes making sandwiches.

(5) Paul’s father hates cooking. But my father loves cooking.

(6) Paul’s mother loves watching them while they play. My mother also loves watching me while I am playing.

(7) Paul’s family love being outdoors and feeling free, our family also love to go outdoor and feeling free.

(e) Use the class to write questions and answers about likes/dislikes.

(3) The students watch cricket?

(Q): (Like) – Does the students like watching cricket.

(A): (Yes, like) – Yes, the students likes watching cricket.

(4) Rezina goes to the doctor.

(Q): (Like) – Does Rezina likes going to the doctor.

(A): (No, not like) – No, Rezina not likes going to the doctor.

(5) Your sister watches films.

(Q): (Like) – Does your sister likes watching films.

(A): (Yes, love) – Yes, my sister loves watching films.

(6) We waste our time.

(Q): (Like) – Does we likes wasting our time?

(A): (No, hate) – No, we hates wasting our time.

(7) They donate money to the poor.

(Q): (Like) – Does they likes donating money to the poor.

(A): (Yes, love) – Yes they loves donating money to the poor.

(F) (2) Rubana likes listening to music and studying English books and drawing pictures but she doesn’t like reading story books.

(3) Roxana likes studying English book and reading story books but don’t like listening music and drawing pictures.

(4) Tumpa likes listening to music and drawing pictures, but doesn’t like studying English book and reading story books.

(5) I like listening to music, drawing picture and reading story books but doesn’t like studying English book.

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