NCTB Class 6 Math Chapter One Exercise 1.6 Solution

NCTB Class 6 Math Chapter One Exercise 1.6 Solution by Math Expert. Bangladesh Board Class 6 Math Solution Chapter 1 Natural Numbers and Fractions Exercise 1.6 Solution.









Chapter Name

Natural Numbers and Fractions


1.6 Solution

Exercise:- 1.6

(1) How many prime numbers are there from 28 to 40?

Solution:-   (a) 3.

29, 31, 37

(2) Which one of the following are co-prime pairs?

Solution:-   (b) 19,18

(3) What is the H.C.F of 12,18 and 48?

(4) In the mathematical sentence 0.01×0.002— =0.000000006, which number should be in the —-?

(6) In one digits are used in enumeration?

Solution:-   In one digit natural number – (a) (i) & (ii).

(7) The number 6435 is divisible by

Solution:-   The number 6435 is divisible by (d) i, ii, iii.

(8) What is the multiple of the greatest number in the picture?

Solution:-   The greatest number is – (d) 32

(9) What is the highest common factor of the tow numbers in the picture?

Solution:-   The highest common factor is – (a) 8

(10) Into how many rectangles is the square divided?

Solution:-   The square id divided into (d) 24 rectangles.

(11) How much part of the square is every rectangle?



(17) Toma had TK.50. She gave her younger brother TK. 15.50 and her friend TK. 12.75. What amount of money was left with her?

Solution:-   The money now left with her

= TK. 50-(TK. 15.50+TK. 12.75)

= TK.50-TK.28.75

= TK. 21.75 Answer.

(18) Parul Begum has 100 hundredths of land. She cultivated rice in 40.5 hundredths of it. Capsicum in 20-2 hundredths and potato in 10-75 hundredths. The rest of the part is used for the cultivation of brinjal. How much part of the land was the for cultivation of brinjal?

Solution:- = 100 – (40.5+20.2+10.75) hundredths

= (100-71.45) hundredths

= 28.55 hundredths. Answer

(19) 1 inch = 2.54cm. Then, 8.5 inch = ……cm?

Solution:- 1 inch = 2.54cm.

Then 8.5 inch = (8.5×2.54)cm

= 21.59cm Answer.




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