Ncert Exemplar Solutions Class 8 Science Force

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Ncert Exemplar Solutions Class 8 Science Force

Welcome to NCTB Solutions. Here with this post we are going to help 8th class students for the Solutions of NCERT Exemplar Class 8 Science Book, Unit 11, Force. Here students can easily find step by step solutions of all the problems for Force, Also here our Science teacher’s are solved all the questions with easily understandable language with proper guidance so that all the students can understand easily.

Force all Question Solutions :

Multiple Choice Questions :

Question no – (1)

In Fig 11.1, two boys A and B are shown applying force on a block. If the block moves towards the right, which one of the following statements is correct?

Answer : 

Correct option – (a)

The correct statement is, Magnitude of force applied by A is greater than that of B.

Question no – (2)

In the circuit shown in Fig.11.2, when the circuit is completed, the hammer strikes the gong. Which of the following force is responsible for the movement of hammer?

Answer : 

Correct option – (c)

Magnetic force alone is responsible for the movement of hammer.

Question no – (3)

During dry weather, while combing hair, sometimes we experience hair flying apart. The force responsible for this is

Answer : 

Correct option – (b)

The force responsible for this is Electrostatic force.

Question no – (4)

Fig.11.3 shows a container filled with water. Which of the following statements is correct about pressure of water?

Answer : 

Correct option – (d)

Correct statement : Pressure at A < Pressure at B < Pressure at C

Question no – (5)

Two objects repel each other. This repulsion could be due to

Answer : 

Correct option – (d)

This repulsion could be due to either a magnetic or an electrostatic force.

Question no – (6)

Which one of the following forces is a contact force?

Answer : 

Correct option – (b)

Force of friction is a contact force.

Question no – (7)

A water tank has four taps fixed at points A, B, C, D as shown in Fig. 11.4. The water will flow out at the same pressure from taps at

Answer : 

Correct option – (a)

The water will flow out at the same pressure from taps at B and C.

Question no – (8)

A brick is kept in three different ways on a table as shown in Fig. 11.5. The pressure exerted by the brick on the table will be

Answer : 

Correct option – (a)

The pressure exerted by the brick on the table will be maximum in position A.

Very Short Answer Questions :

Question no – (9) 

Answer : 

Muscular force is exerted to change the shape of the dough.

Question no – (10) 

Answer : 

We apply a force while walking so that the ground applies an equal and opposite force which pushes us to move forward otherwise we would not be able to move.

Question no – (11) 

Answer : 

Her friend should also push the box in the East direction so that the box will move faster because of the combined force of both the girls.

Question no – (12) 

Answer : 

This deflection is due to magnetic force applied on the needle.

Question no – (13) 

Answer : 

Electrostatic force is responsible for this phenomenon as during dry weather the synthetic fibre often gets charged that results in its sticking to the skin.

Question no – (14) 

Answer : 

While sieving grains, small pieces fall down because of the force of gravity that is pulling it down.

Question no – (15) 

Answer : 

Yes, force of gravity also works upon dust particles.

Question no – (16) 

Answer : 

Yes, the force working on it is larger than the force of gravity otherwise it would have gone down instead of up.

Question no – (17) 

Answer : 

Yes, the force of gravity even exists between two astronauts in space because it a universal law that every object even if it is small it will pull other object toward itself.

Short Answer Questions :

Question no – (18) 

Answer : 

The effect of force that is known as pressure comes into play in this process. A force is applied over the the chapattis that exerts an opposite force which results in the formation of chapatis.

Question no – (19) 

Answer : 

The force of gravity is responsible for him falling towards the ground.

No, he will fall down much faster if he jumps without a parachute because then there would be no air friction that would be slowing him down.

Question no – (20) 

Answer : 

The two persons are applying the same force but in opposite directions the effect of one force is cancelled out by the effect of other force. As a result of which the cast still moves in the direction it was previously moving without trouble at all.

Question no – (21) 

Answer : 

Electrostatic force is responsible for this phenomenon. When the thermocol balls are rubbed with a certain object, both the balls gets electrically charged so they try to get away from each by repelling each other.

Question no – (22) 

Answer : 

The earth and the fruit is interacting with other as a result the fruit is being brought down with the force of gravity.

Question no – (23) 

Answer : 

In order to slow down the moving cart he could try to pull the cart towards himself or he could try to get in front of the cart and push towards the opposite direction in which the cart is moving. This will definitely bring the moving cart to a halt.

Question no – (24) 

Answer : 

There are two forces that are working on this car one of them is gravity and the other is magnetic force. We could definitely say that magnetic force is greater than gravity because the car is moving up instead of falling down towards the earth.

Long Answer Questions :

Question no – (25) 

Answer : 

The initial force is the muscular force that is being applied on the string that releases the arrow into motion. After traveling some distance the arrow ultimately falls down because the effect of gravity that is working on the arrow.

Question no – (26) 

Answer : 

A blunt scissors has more area of contact so the force applied by the scissors produces less pressure on the so it’s gets very difficult to cut clothes using a blunt scissors.

Question no – (27) 

Answer : 

The two rods have same weight and height but the thicknesses of the two rods are different. The rod B has a smaller contact area than rod A so it will exert a comparatively higher pressure than rod A and sink more in the sand.

Question no – (28) 

Answer : 

The woman wearing sandal will flat soles will be more comfortable walking in the sand because that sandal has a larger contact area so it will distribute the women’s body weight to a larger area while the woman with heels will sink into the sand as the contact area is very less so it exert a high pressure on the sand.

Question no – (29) 

Answer : 

Our finger has a larger surface area while a pointed needle has a small contact area. So when we poke the needle into the balloon the needle exert high pressure on the balloon which tears apart the surface of the balloon.

Question no – (30) 

Answer : 

The vessels arranged in decreasing pressure at the base of the vessels are D, B, A, C. The vessels are arranged in this manner because the pressure exerted by any liquid depends on the height of the liquid column and not the volume of liquid itself. The vessel D has the most height of followed by, vessels B, A and C.


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