Collins Maths Solutions Class 6 Chapter 12

Collins Maths Solutions Class 6 Chapter 12 Basic Geometrical Ideas

Welcome to NCTB Solution. Here with this post we are going to help 6th class students for the Solutions of Collins Maths Class 6 Mathematics, Chapter 12, Basic Geometrical Ideas. Here students can easily find Exercise wise solution for chapter 12, Basic Geometrical Ideas. Students will find proper solutions for Exercise 12.1, 12.2 and 12.3 Our teacher’s solved every problem with easily understandable methods so that every students can understand easily. Here in this post all the solutions are based on ICSE latest Syllabus.

Basic Geometrical Ideas Exercise 12.1 Solution :

Question no – (1) 

Solution : 

Points = H, I, J, O

Line segment = IJ, IO, JO, JH

Lines = DE, CF

Rays = OA, OB, OC, OD, OE, OF, OG

Question no – (2) 

Solution : 

The simple closed curves are

Figure – (A)

Figure – (C)

Figure – (E)

Question no – (3) 

Solution : 

Figure – (a)

Interior : A, F, D

Exterior : B, C, E

Figure – (b)

Interior : A, C and E

Exterior : B, d and F

Question no – (4) 

Solution : 

(a) Points B, C and D lie in the interior of the closed figure.

= The statement is True.

(b) Point E lies in the exterior of the closed figure.

= The statement is True

(c) Points A, E, F and G lie in the exterior of the open figure.

= The statement is False.

(d) The points lying in the interior of the closed figure are B, C, D

(e) The point lying on the boundary of the closed figure is H

Question no – (5) 

Solution : 

Figure – (b) and (f) have Linear boundary.

Figure – (c) and (d) have Curvilinear boundary.

Figure – (a) and (c) have Both linear and curvilinear.

Question no – (7) 

Solution : 

All the different angles in the given adjacent figure are ROQ, SOE, SOQ, TOS, TOP, TOR, POR

Basic Geometrical Ideas Exercise 12.2 Solution :

Question no – (1) 

Solution : 

The angles are △ABE


△ABE, sides of AE, BE, AB

And angles are ∠EAB, ∠ABE, ∠AEB

Sides of △BCE is BC, BE, CE

And angles are ∠EBC, ∠BCE, ∠BEC

Sides of △CDE are CE, CD, DE

And angles are ∠ECD, ∠CDE, ∠DEC

Sides of △ACE are AC, CE, AE

And angles are, ∠EAC, ∠ACE, ∠AEC

Question no – (2) 

Solution : 

The point on the triangle are B, V, A, R, C, U

Points on the interior of the triangle S, P

Points on the exterior of the triangle T, X, Q

Question no – (3) 

Solution :

Interior point = x, y, z

Exterior points = K, L, M, N

Points lying on the boundary = P, D, Q, A, R, B, C

Question no – (4) 

Solution :

In the given figure Adjacent angles are XWZ, WXY, WZY and XZY

Basic Geometrical Ideas Exercise 12.3 Solution :

Question no – (1) 

Solution : 

AB is = radius

CD is = Diameter

BD is = secant

A is = Centre

EF is = minor arc

Question no – (2) 

Solution : 

(a) The line segment whose endpoints lie on the circle is called a Chord.

(b) Diameter is a line segment whose endpoints lie on the circle and which passes through the Centre of the circle.

(c) The diameter of a circle divides it into two Equal parts. Each part is known as a Semicircle.

(d) The region bounded by an arc and the two radii drawn from the endpoints of the arc to the centre is called Sector.

Question no – (3) 

Solution : 

(a) A circle can have many radii and diameters

Given statement is True.

(b) Diameter is the longest chord of a circle

Given statement is True.

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