Balbharati Class 7 History Solutions Chapter 1 Sources of History

Balbharati Class 7 History Solutions Chapter 1 Sources of History

Welcome to NCTB Solutions. Here with this post we are going to help Maharashtra State board 7th class students for the Solutions of Balbharati Class 7 History Text Book Chapter 1, Sources of History. Here students can easily find all the answers for the questions in Sources of History. Also our Expert History Teacher’s solved all the question answer with easily understandable language with proper guidance so that all the students can understand easily. Here in this post students will get chapter 1 Sources of History solutions. Here all the Question Answer are based on Balbharati latest syllabus. Here all the question and answer are based on Maharashtra State Board latest syllabus.

Sources of History Exercise question Solutions : 

Question no – (2) 

(1) What do monuments include

Answer : 

Monuments include Samadhis, graves, veer gala.

(2) What is a Tarikh?

Answer : 

Tarikh means the sequence of events.

(3) What qualities of the author are important in the writing of history? 

Answer : 

The authors impartiality and neutrality are very important in writing history.

Question no – (3) 

Answer : 

(1) Material sources, written sources, unwritten sources, oral sources.

= Here the odd one is Unwritten sources.

(2) Monuments, coins, cave sculptures, stories

= Here the odd one is Stories.

(3) Bhurjapatras, temples, treatises, paintings

= Here the odd one is Temple.

(4) Owis, tarikhs, folk tales, myths

= Here the odd one is Tarikh.

Question no – (4)

Explain the following concepts

Answer : 

(1) Material sources :

To know the details of history, we have to rely on a number of valuable facts. We verify the veracity of history from various historical sources. Material source is one of those types. Various type of Forts like, Hill forts, forest fort, sea forts and forts on the pain. Various type of monuments and tomb, graves. Some of these are the example of material source. The nature of the construction of the memorial shows the economic situation at that time. Looking at the buildings and houses, one can understand the standard of the people of that era. We can get a lot of ideas by looking at the coins at that lime. The date written in coin identifies the period in the region of the king. From the picture depicted in the coins, we can learn about the hobbies of the king of that era and the qualities of the king. And from the inscription we understand feature like the language, script, social life of a period. This are very essential to know the history properly.

(2) Written sources :

To know history as a whole, we have to rely on some written information. People of different communities at different times have left a lot of evidence of their way of life in their own language. There we still many languages that have not been rescued. But from all the languages that have been rescued, we have become fully aware of the standard of living of the people of that era. We can gather information about the food item, attire, conventions, rules of conduct people, festival etc. It is not possible for us to know all the languages of that. Historians carefully retrieve all those written material and serve it to us.

(3) Oral sources :

In addition to material sources and written sources, there is another source by which we can learn a little bit about history. However, this source is not completely conclusive. From ancient times all the ideas of history that we get in the way heredity or by promote of people are called oral source. Some examples are like – Folk songs, Myths, Legends, Gatha, Shlokas, etc.

Question no – (5)

Is it necessary to evaluate sources of history ? Give your opinion.

Answer : 

Yes, It is very necessary to evacuate sources of history. Because, History gives us a statement of what happened in the past. At that time we do not have a presence. But through a number of sources, we can gain insight into those events. Those are material source, written source and oral source. We can make an overall assessment of any particular era. We must rely on all these sources to know the history honestly.

Question no – (6) 

(1) A stone inscription is considered to be an authentic source of history.

Answer : 

A stone inscription is considered to be an authentic source of history, Because it helps us to understand features like the language, script, social life of a period

(2) Oral sources reveal various aspects of people’s lives.

Answer : 

Oral sources reveal various aspects of people lives because its traditionally passed on from generation to generation.


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