NCTB Class 9-10 Science Chapter 1 Healthy Life, Better Living Solution

NCTB Class 9-10 Science Chapter 1 “Healthy Life, Better Living” Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 9-10 Science Solution Chapter 1 Healthy Life, Better Living Solution Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher.

NCTB Solution Class 9-10 Chapter 1 “Healthy Life, Better Living”:


NCTB Bangladesh Board

9 – 10 (Nine – Ten Classes)




Chapter Name

Healthy Life, Better Living

Chapter 1 “Healthy Life, Better Living”

Multiple Choice Questions

1) What is mainly available in carrots?

a) Glucose b) Fructose

c) Sucrose. d) B-carotene

Answer:-a) Glucose

2) Fat soluble vitamins in the body are

i) A,D,E

ii) A,B,C

iii) A,D,K

Which is correct?

a) i and ii

b) iand iii

c) ii and iii

d) i, ii and iii

Answer:- b)i and iii

Read the paragraph below and answer the questions 3 and 4 .

Rahima’s weight is 50 kg and her height is 1.5 metre. She has got vomitting and diarrhea from yesterday. Her weight has become 47 kg due to water loss.

1) Due to the deficiency of essentials element Rahima’s

i) Blood circulation is disturbed

ii) Muscles become weak

iii) Salts remain balanced

Which is correct?

a) i and ii

b) i and iii

c) ii and iii

d) i ,ii, and iii

Answer:-d) i ,ii, and iii

  4.) What is the BMI of Rahimaafter becoming sick?

a.) 22.3 (approx) b.) 20.9 ( approx)

c.) 49.25 (approx) d.) 44.75 (approx)

Answer:-b) 20.9 (approx)

  • Creative Question

1 ]  Tonu is 14 years old, she has 35 kg body weight and her height is 1.5 meter. Now-a-days her skin has become reddish and she has no appetite for food but her temperature is normal.

a.) What is her BMI?

Answer:- BMI shows the balance of height and weight.

BMI= Body weight (kg)/ height ( meter)2

= 35/ 1.5× 1.5

= 15.55(approx)

Tonu has BMI 15.55 (approx).

b.) What is meant by xerophthalmia?

Answer:- xerophthalmia is the cornea ulcer which is the deficiency of vitamin A. Due to this disease person becomes totally blind.

c.) How much energy is consumed for Tonu in two day’s metabolism?

Answer:- energy consumption is dependent on the diet took by the tonu in two days and heat energy produced. The diet must contain carbohydrates , protein, and fats have different consumption level. The energy in the food is measured as food calories or kilo calories. Carbohydrates and proteins have almost same 4 kcal/gm and fats have maximum 9 kcal/gm. Every gm burns due to heat energy will be calculated as the energy consumed by the tonu.

d.) Analyze the way to solving the problems of tonu?

Answer:- tonu have the reddish skin and no appetite for food is the deficiency of vitamin B complex. She have redness on the skin dur to thiamine (B1)deficiencyand no appetite for food is Niacin or (B5) deficiency. For which tonu should intake the vitamin B complex Riched food in her meal. Such as husked rise, fruits and vegetables, liver, eggs , milk and fishand pulse , nut oilseed ,chick-pea, for solving the problems.

2] Look at the picture below and answer the questions.

a.) What is fibres?

Answer:-fibres are the type of carbohydrates which cannot be digest by body, but it hepls to digest food. Also It helps to decrease the extra fat of the body.

b.) What are vitamins?

Answer:-our body needs a special type of food for normal growth and nutrition even if the food contain carbohydrates and proteins these food component are called vitamins. There are many vitamins present in the body such as vitamin A, D, E, C, vitamin B complex, etc.

C.) Find out the substitute foods for the food mentioned in this pyramid And prepare a list of a balanced diet for one day.

Answer:- The substitute food for the food mentioned in the pyramid is as below-

Milk – eggs, fruit, fish/meat, soy milk, coconut milk, rice milk etc.

Meat– fish, eggs, vegetables, etc

Mango– eggs, egg white, fruits, fish, meat, kiwi, papaya.

Cereals– eggs , egg white, salad, yoghurt, vegetables, pulses, Bread and rice etc.

d.) Why the food element marked as D is important ? Explain.

Answer:- the food element marked as D is cereals. Cereals are very important source of nutrients. This are pulses which we get from the plants. It is the main source of carbohydrates and proteins. Which is very important in daily diet to maintain health.

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