NCTB Class 6 Home science Chapter 11“Food Habit ” Solution

NCTB Class 6 Home science Chapter 11“Food Habit ” Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 6 Home science Solution Chapter 11“Food Habit” Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. 

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 11 “Food Habit ”


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Chapter Name

“Food Habit ”

Multiple choice questions:-

(1) What is used to purify water?

 Answer:- Alum.

(2) Which is alternative food?

Answer:-  Muri, molasses.

(3) The comment Shunanda’s grandmother made was from-

Answer:-  Usual superstition.

(4) The reasons of slow growth of the brother of Shunanda are-

 Answer:- lack of essential nutritional elements.

Creative questions:-

(1) (b) What do you mean by adulterated food?

Answer:- In my opinion adulterated food is very harmful to our body Although it is colorful  and very beautiful to look. It goes without saying that it has no nutritional value. There is no such qualities in all these foods that can be eaten to improve the health of the body. On the contrary as a result of consuming all these foods for a long time, various diseases settle in our body.

(1) (c) Explain the reasons for which Dipok suffers from diarrhea.

Answer:- The type of food that Dipok eats regularly is not healthy at all. This and all kinds of smoke and dust fall into the open food stalls infront of the school normal to get stomach ailments after consuming all these foods.

(1) (d) The elements of the food which Dipok eats may cause, long term health problem. Analyze this.

Answer:- The type of food that Dipok eats is the most widely used oil which causes weight gain and heart burn. Ingredients that are needed to make such as flower, until powder, food colour are very harmful to our body. After all, the places that are made when all this is very dirty and untidy. It leads to malnutrition for the long time.

(2) (a) What kind of work require lots of energy?

Answer:- Playing football and running require lots of energy.

(2) (b) What do you mean by ‘alternative food’?

 Answer:-  Constantly we are accustomed to eating all that food, But when we travel outside an during natural calamities we take the food we make at home that’s called alternative food, Like chira, muri molasses, biscuit, chal vaja, dates etc.

(2) (c) Explain the reasons of Tropa’s physical problem.

 Answer:- The condition of hid body is caused by eating junk food regularize without taking nutritious food.

(2) (d) Tropa’s food habit is responsible for her physical problems, explain clearly.

 Answer:- Consumption of this type of food results in gradual loss of its ability to digest the food easily this is painful burring sensation in chest caused by indigestion.

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