NCTB Class 6 Home science Chapter 9“Nutritional Value of Food” Solution

NCTB Class 6 Home science Chapter 9“Nutritional Value of Food” Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 6 Home science Solution Chapter 9“Nutritional Value of Food” Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher.

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 9 “Nutritional Value of Food”


NCTB Bangladesh Board



Home science


Chapter Name

“Nutritional Value of Food”

Multiple choice questions:-

(1) Which of the following nutritional elements does have rice as its source?

Answer:- Carbohydrate.

(2) One of the functions of bean seed is to

Answer:- Produce heat and energy.

(3) Due to this habit Ratan’s—

Answer:- Body will protected from decay.

(4) Due to having ghee Ratan’s father will

Answer:- Reduce the decay of bone.

Creative questions:-

(1) (a) Which one is the second grain/food crop in Bangladesh?

Answer:- Wheat is the second food crop in Bangladesh.

(1) (b) Describe the food value of egg.

Answer:- Eggs contain significant quantities of protein, fats, vitamins and minerals egg yolk contains iron and phosphorous. There are good quintiles of thiamine and riboflavin, too, in eggs.

(1) (c) In the above example, which food element of the body will be met by the fishes Rahela saw in the sea beach?

 Answer:- Rehala saw dry fishes in sea beach.

(1) (d) Discuss comparatively the differences between the fishes Rahela takes regularly and the fishes she saw on the sea beach.

Answer:- There are some differences between fresh fish and dried fish.

(i) Dried fish contain protein 2-3 times higher in quantities in dried fish.

(ii) Calcium and phosphorus are also much higher in quantities in dried fish.

(2) (a) What is there more in quantity in wheat than in rice?

Answer:- Energy is there more in quantity in wheat than in rice.

(2) (c) Explain what kind of need of the vitamins in our body is fulfilled by these fruits shown in pictures?

Answer:- In the picture (i) we get vitamin c from these types of fruit And in picture (ii) we can get vitamin and carotene.

(2) (d) Explain why it is essential to keep the fruits shown in pictures 1 and 2 in our daily menu.

 Answer:- We must add this type of fruit in our daily menu because it has very important nutrition value, builds the body’s resistance to disease. As well as meeting the demand for water, it keeps the demand for water it keeps the skin structure beautiful and normal.

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