NCTB Class 6 Science Chapter 2 Living World Solution

NCTB Class 6 Science Chapter 2 Living World Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 6 Science Solution Chapter 2 Living World Solution Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher.

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 2 Living World:

Board NCTB Bangladesh Board
Class 6
Subject Science
Chapter One
Chapter Name Living World


Fill in the blanks:-

(1) Snail have ——— and —— in the body.

Ans:- Muscular foot & hard shell.

(2) Mammal’s —— is well developed.

Ans:- Brain.

(3) Plants have green pigments, so they are —-

Ans:- Plantae.

(4) Fungi are green, so they can not produced their own —-.

Ans:- Food.

Multiple choice question:-

(1) Euglena falls into — (b) Protista kingdom.

(2) The characteristics  of saprophyte is, they —

(c) ii and iii

(ii) absorb food for living organism.

(iii) take dead organisms.

(3) Naïf’s uncle had —- as a pet.

(4) The animal on the branch —

(a) i & ii

(i) has fingers bewitch claws.

(ii) has body7 hair.

(5) Characteristics of Angiosperm plants:-

(a) These are closed sad flowering plants.

(b) They have ovary.

(c) The seeds of such plants are found hidden within the fruit.

Characteristics of Gymnosperm plants:-

(a) Invertebrates are a kind of animals which do not have vertebral columns. They do not have Skeleton, their eyes are simple. Sometimes they have compound eye. They do not have tail.

Example:- Butterfly, fly, mosquito, bee etc.

(b) Toad is called amphibian because they spend some of their life in water and some on the land. At the primary stage of their life cycle the tadpole respires by gill and at the adult stage the respire by lungs.

1.(c) Difference between the animals shown in figurers A & B:-

Figure-A                                    Figure-B

(a) Dose not have scales       (a) Has scales

(b) Dose not have fins           (b) Has fins.

(d) Importance of animal in a figure B:-

(i) They have scales.

(ii) they use gills for reparation.

(iii) They have fins which they use to swim.

(2) (a) Flowering plants means these plants borne flowers, some of them can produce fruits but some can not. They can be differentiated into root, stem and leaves.

Example:- Pine, cocas, coconut, etc.

(b) Characteristics of A:-

(i) This is a angiosperm plant.

(ii) The seed of this plant is found hidden within the fruit.

(iii) This plants have ovary.

(2) (c) Differences between A & B:-

A                      B

(i) Angiosperm Plant        (i) Gymnosperm plant.

(ii) Has ovary.             (ii) Has no ovary.

(iii) Naked seed plant      (iii) Closed seed plant.

(d) The importance of A in my life:-

It has a number of uses. We can have fruits, milk, oil. We can use it as food, fuel for a fire, medicine. So it is very important in my life.

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