NCTB Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Scientific Process and Measurement Solution

NCTB Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Scientific Process and Measurement Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 6 Science Solution Chapter 1 Scientific Process and Measurement Solution  Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher.

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 1 Scientific Process and Measurement:


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Chapter Name

Scientific Process and Measurement

Fill in the gaps:-

(1) There are two types of unit of measurements —— and——–.

Ans:-Fundamental and Derived.

(2) As per the international system the number of funder mental S.I units is——.

Ans :- 7

(3) In all the systems of measurement the unit of time is —-.

Ans:- Second.

Multiple choice questions:-

(1)The unit of mass is— (b) kilogram

(2) The space deceived by a brick is called — (b)Volume.

(3) The volume of the stone in fig B—- (a)5cc [15cc-10cc]

(4) To determine the volume of the substance in fig A, multiplication of– (c) There units is required.

Short answer questions:-

(1) Measurement is necessary in every events of our life like, purchasing rice or dal from the grocers, making clothes or starting and finishing classes in time. Without measurement it is difficult to decide how many rooms can be built within the certain area of a house or which room will be of what size. Moreover, While cooking, it is essential to add exact amounts. In fact a correct measurement is necessary in every field.

(2) The fundamental units are –

(a) The unit of length is meter.

(b) The unit of mass is kilogram.

(c) The unit of time is second.

(d) The unit of temperature is Kelvin.

(e) The unit of electric current is ampere.

(f) The unit of luminous intensity is candela.

(g) The unit of substance is mole.

(3) The multiples and sub-multiples of units are necessary because. to measure the length of pencil and the thickness of acorn we use centimetre and millimetre respectively, to measure long time we use, minute, hour, days, month, year, to measure smaller mass we use gram etc.

(4) The main difference between area and volume in case of measurement is,

In case of, measurement of area, we have to multiply 2 units. [Because, area = length x breadth]

But in case of measurement of volume, we have to multiply 3 units.

[Because, volume = length x breadth x height]

Mathematical problems:-

(1) A surface – Length = 5meters

breath = 4meter

There fore, the area of the surface is, Area = length x breadth

= 5×4

= 20 square meter.

(2) The area of a room= 20 square meters

room’s length  = 5meters

There fore, the breadth of the room is, breadth = Area/length

= 20/5 = 4meter.

(3) A box is long = 20cm

broad = 10cm

high = 5cm.

There fore, the volume of the box is,= long x broad x high

= 20x10x5

= 1000 cube cm

There fore, the volume of 100 similar boxes is, 1000×100 = 100000 cube cm

Creative questions:-

(1) (a) The unit of length is meter.

(b) Fareham’s mother want to put another table of same size as the reading table. So we have measure the size, We have to measure the length.

(1)(a) The area of recoding room is 40 square meters length of the recoding room is 10 meters.

There fore, the breadth = Area/length = 40/10 = 4 meters.

(d) The length of the recoding table = 1meter

breadth is 50 cm = 100cm

There fore, the area of recoding table is,

Length x breadth = 100×50= 5000 square cm

= 5000/100×10 square cm

= 0.5 square cm meter.

There fore, the total area covered by two table is,

(0.5+0.5) = 1 square metres.

The area of recoding room is – 40 square meters.

There fore, after keeping two table. (40-1)=39 square meters area will remain unoccupied in the room.

(2) (a) Candela is the S.I unit. Like, to measure area of a class room, we have to multiply two units (area= length x breadth) and to measure volume, we have to multiply three units (volume = length x breadth x height). These combined units are known as derived units.

(2) (c) 5 metric tons = (5×1000) kilograms

= 5000 kilograms

There fore, 5000 kilograms of jute was exported this year by Hossain Uddin Sarkar.

(d) M.k.S system is advantageous between the two system mentioned in the above because all countries dose not use F.P.S system. If we use F.P.S system then problem may occurs. But according to International system of units, M.K.S system was introduced for all countries. So if we use M.K.S system then we do not face any problem.

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