NCTB Class 6 Home science Chapter 10 “Need of Food” Solution

NCTB Class 6 Home science Chapter 10 “Need of Food” Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 6 Home science Solution Chapter 10“Need of Food” Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher.

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 10 “Need of Food”


NCTB Bangladesh Board



Home science


Chapter Name

“Need of Food”

Multiple choice questions:-

(1) How much kilocalories can we get from 1 gram protein how?

Answer:- 4 kilocalories b.

(2) From the yolk of the egg children can:

Answer:- Get body heat and energy.

(3) Reasons for good health of Salesman Rahim is:

Answer:- Avoiding those food having fat.

(4) If Karim takes the food in the same manner:

Answer:- His weight will begin to be reduced.

Creative questions:-

(1) (a) What is balanced diet?

Answer:- Every day we need to take all the six types of nutritional elements as required nutritional element according to the body’s need it is know as balanced diet.

(b) What do you understand by food pyramid?

Answer:- The food pyramid is provides an idea of the food along with its type and quantity to be taken in order to make it a balanced diet.

(c) From the daily food habit of Shuma, what idea could we get about her physical condition?

Answer:- Shuma’s diet includes all the foods that are added although its nutritional value is normal, there are quantity problems when you eat more than you need, it is stored as extra fall in the body. Excessive weight gain can lead to various diseases in the body in my opinion, his physical condition is not in good health at all.

(d) Explain with judgment how the food habit of Kona helps her to keep in good health.

Answer:- Looking at the list of Konas food properties healthy and hygienic and moderate food. She will always be healthy and disease free.

(2) (a) What is the unit of food energy?

Answer:- Kilocalories is the unit of food energy.

 (2) (b) Explain why is more energy required during adolescence?

Answer:- During adolescence physical growth and increased loss of energy need of energy increases that’s why more energy required during adolescence.

(2) (c) Explain the reason of weakness in jitu.

Answer:- As a result of eating the kind of food that jitu has taken, various kinds of disease create in body. Not eating nutritious food has reduced his ability to resist disease. His body is accumulating excess fat and he gradually weakening.

(2) (d) From the list of food taken by jitu and Ritu, explain which food is good for health.

Answer:- In my opinion, the quality of all the food that the Ritu consumes good for heath. It is very hygienic because it is home made and fresh. Fish, meat vegetables provide energy to our body and all these notorious foods build up our body’s immunity.

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