Ncert Exemplar Solutions Class 7 Science Wind Storm and Cyclone

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Ncert Exemplar Solutions Class 7 Science Wind Storm and Cyclone

Welcome to NCTB Solutions. Here with this post we are going to help 7th class students for the Solutions of NCERT Exemplar Class 7 Science Book, Unit 8, Wind, Storm and Cyclone. Here students can easily find step by step solutions of all the problems for Wind, Storm and Cyclone, Also here our Science teacher’s are solved all the questions with easily understandable language with proper guidance so that all the students can understand easily.

Wind Storm and Cyclone all Question Solutions :

Multiple Choice Questions :

Question no – (1)

A fire alarm usually detects smoke in case of fire. Where should such an alarm be placed in a room?

Answer : 

The correct answer is option – (d)

The alarm should be placed On the ceiling in a room.

Question no – (2)

Four schematic diagrams are shown in Figure 8.1 to depict the direction of sea breeze. Which of them gives the correct direction?

Answer :

The correct option is – (c)

The figure – (c) gives the correct direction.

Question no – (3) 

Figure 8.2 shows a child blowing air with a straw near the opening of another straw which has its other end in a soft drink bottle. It was observed that the level of the soft drink in the straw rises up as soon as air is blown over its open end. Which one of the following best explains the reason for rise in level of the drink?

Answer : 

The appropriate answer is option – (a)

Blowing of air decreases pressure over the opening of the straw.

Question no – (4)

Following are precautions one must take in case a storm is accompanied by lightning.

Answer : 

The correct option is – (d) (iv)

Do not take shelter in a bus in the open.

Question no – (5)

Which of the following place is most likely to be affected by a cyclone?

Answer : 

The answer is option – (b)

Puri is most likely to be affected by a cyclone.

Question no – (6) 

A curtain is hanging at the entrance of a room. A long corridor runs at right angles to the door, that is parallel to the curtain. If a strong wind blows along the corridor, the curtain will

Answer :

The appropriate option is (b)

The curtain will get pushed outside the room.

Very Short Answer Questions :

Question no – (7) 

Answer : 

Cyclones often happens at places that are near the coastal areas and since Chandigarh is vey far from the coastal areas it does not gets affected by the cyclones.

Question no – (8) 

Answer : 

The Indian Ocean is mainly responsible to bring monsoon winds to Kerala coast in June every year.

Question no – (9) 

Answer : 

(i) Air around us exerts Pressure.

(ii) The moving air is called Wind.

(iii) The main cause of wind movement is uneven Heating on the earth

(iv) High speed wind can cause cyclone in regions of Low pressure.

Question no – (10) 

Answer : 

(i) If wind flows from land to the ocean then it is daytime

This statement is False

Reason : If winds blows from land to ocean, then it is night-time.

(ii) A very high pressure system, with very high speed wind surrounding it forms a cyclone.

This statement is False.

Reason : A very low pressure system , with very high speed surrounding it forms a cyclone.

(iii) The coast line of India is not vulnerable to cyclones

This statement is False.

The coastline of India is very vulnerable to cyclones.

(iv) Warm air is lighter than cool air

This statement is True.

Question no – (11) 

Answer : 

The exhaust fan of ‘B’ is likely to expel the hot kitchen air more effectively since the exhaust is present at the ceiling and the air in the kitchen is mostly hot in nature so it will move up towards the exhaust where it will we expelled. The exhaust of ‘A’ will have a hard time to remove the air as it is not placed in the ceiling.

Question no – (12) 

Answer : 

During a storm it is advisable not to close all the windows since at the time of the storm heavy winds passing over the house creates low pressure over the roof. As the inside of the house is still high in pressure, this pressure difference causes the winds to rip of the roof which may be fatal or devastating in nature.

Question no – (13) 

Answer : 

The land near the flat will get heated much faster than the sea this will cause the air around the flat to get heated and rise above, creating low pressure at the place. This will eventually make the cool air of the sea to flow towards this flat thus moving the clothes towards the flat.

Question no – (14) 

Answer :

As the trees are leaning to the east and we know that at afternoon winds blows from sea to land, this clearly suggest that the sea is at the left of the trees.

Question no – (15) 

Answer :

This phenomenon must probably happed at midnight since at midnight the air above the land cools much faster but the air above the ocean still remains hot. This made the flag flutter towards the sea.

Short Answer Questions :

Question no – (16) 

Answer :

(a) on heating air – (ii) expands, (iv) rises.

(b) on cooling air – (i) descends, (iii) contracts.

Question no – (17) 

Answer :

The air inside the plastic bottle contracted due the low temperature this created low pressure inside the bottle and since the pressure outside the bottle is still high the bottle collapsed.

Question no – (18) 

Answer : 

When strong wind passes over the umbrella low pressure is created above it while the pressure under it still high. This pressure difference upturns the umbrella.

Question no – (19) 

Answer : 

The precautions to be taken to prevent the roof of a tin sheet from flying away during a fierce wind storm are –

Screw the roof tightly.

Pun some heavy stones on the roof.

Long Answer Questions :

Question no – (20) 

Answer : 

In order to demonstrate that warm air is lighter than cool air we need to take two paper bags of the same size. These bags need to be hung at inverted positions on the two ends of a metal or a wooden stick. After that we must tie a string at the middle of the wood or metal. Then the arrangement is lifted by holding the string at the middle. At the end we need to place a burning candle below one of the bag and observe the change. We would notice that bag placed above the the candle will begin to rise as it is filled with warm air thus proving that warm air is lighter than cool air.

Question no – (21) 

Answer : 

The tree tops in the figure are permanently bent towards the land this is because of the reason that the continuous exposure of the trees to the land breeze has made the trees to grow with a bent form. Even tough sea breeze could have made the tree bend towards the sea but it didn’t happen because land breeze last longer than sea breeze.


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