NCTB Class 9-10 Science Chapter 9 Living with Disaster Solution

NCTB Class 9-10 Science Chapter 9 “Living with Disaster” Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 9-10 Science Solution Chapter 9 Living with Disaster Solution Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher.

NCTB Solution Class 9-10 Chapter 9 “Living with Disaster”:


NCTB Bangladesh Board

9 – 10 (Nine – Ten Classes)




Chapter Name

Living with Disaster

  • Multiple choice questions

1) Which occurs only in oceans?

a) Tornado b) earthquake

c) tsunami d) flood

Answer:- Tsunami

2) Cause of increasing green house gases?

1) Vehicles 2) industry 3) power plants

Which is correct?

a) I and ii. b) ii and iii

b) i and d) I, ii, and iii

Answer:- d) I , ii and iii

3) Which gas is not released fr the industry shown above?

a) So2 b) Co2 c) NH3 d) No2

Answer:- NH3

4) Which disease is caused in human body due to the formation of acid rain from the gases released from the industry shown above?

a) Diabetes. b) asthma

c) cancer d) Heart attack

Answer:-  Asthma

  • Creative question.

Que 1] Mr. Naushad lives in barguna.. he is 70 yrs. Old. In sidr attack in 2007 all his family members died. All his assets including his home were destroyed

 Volunteers after receiving forecast asked him to go to cyclone shelter which is few miles away from his home but he refused to go. On the other hand Mr. Saad went to cyclone shelter and although his assets were destroyed all his family members survived. Helpless old man Mr. Naoshad now regrets that why he did not go to cyclone shelter with mr. Saad.

A) What is cyclone ?

Answer:- Due to depression, when wind with very high velocity travels in a circular motion it is termed as Cyclone.  Cyclone is a Greek word meaning coil of a snakes. Cyclone is known Hurricane in USA, typhoon in far East and cyclone in South Asia.

B) Explain the term “Global warming”.

Answer:-Global warming is nothing but the effect of increased Green House Gases (GHGs) there are several global warming gases which are carbon dioxide, ozone, methane ,CFCs, nitrous oxide and water vapour. The amount of these gases are increasing in the environment gradually. This is increased the heat of environment which is leading to global warming.

C) Explain how the cyclone mentioned above is created ?

Answer:- cyclone originate in deep sea. So it is, very difficult to know that how it is forms however it is known that two reasons play roles in the creating cyclone and high temperature and depression. For the formation of cyclone, the required ocean temperature is more than 27°c . Due to released latent heat  atmospheric temperature also increase and atmospheric conditions becomes unstable. In this situation wind from the surrounding area to centre of origin and for the existence of increased temperature the wind moves upward in circular motion creating cyclone.

D) What steps mr. Naoshad could take to protect him from the cyclone?

Answer:- durable shelter centre in the high land must be built. We should strengthen weather forecast and warning system also take steps to minimise loss of lives and properties. To prevent water surge coastal embankment must be constructed. At the same time lot of trees should be planted in those areas to minimise the loss. Cyclone may be controlled by reducing evaporation.

Que. 2] After finishing her study tuli went to bed at 12 midnight . Suddenly she observed that her bed and ceiling fan were vibrating and the smaller things kept on the shelves were falling down. In the next morning. Tuli noticed that some old building I  surrounding area have been cracked. Some have been broken whereas some others have been inclined. Tuli realised that there was a natural disaster last night.

1) What is earthquake?

Answer:- when vibration created inside the earth abruptly shakes the earth surface, it is called earthquake. It persists form few seconds to about a minute and may recur repeatedly. It is a violet natural disaster.

2) Explain why Bangladesh is cyclone prone area?

Answer:- the geographical location of the Bangladesh with the Himalayas in the north, the bay of Bengal in South line and funnel shaped coast line is vulnerable to cyclone. Thus since 1960 about 50 cyclones have hit Bangladesh so far. Thus the Bangladesh is cyclone prone area.

3) Explain how the natural disaster observed by tuli is created?

Answer:- our Earth crust is divided into some layers which are called tectonic plates. These tectonic plates are not static, they are dynamic. Energy accumulated when a moving plate puts stress on another plates. Suddenly when the plates slide the stored energy is released and earthquake is created.

4) What steps can be taken to protect us from the natural hazards mentioned above? Analyze.

Answer:- there is no way to escape from the earthquake but proper precautions can minimise the loss of lives and properties.  High ruse buildings must have Earthquake protective measures. If possible all houses should have fire extinguisher facilities , first aid kit ,battery powered radio, torch light and some extra battery dry food and water should be arranged. Learn to provide first aid, turn off gas , electricity and water supply in house, meet  your family after earthquake, heavy things should not be kept on high selves, during an earthquake they can fall down causing injury to people.

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