NCTB Class 9-10 Science Chapter 3 All about Heart Solution

NCTB Class 9-10 Science Chapter 3 “All about Heart” Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 9-10 Science Solution Chapter 3 All about Heart Solution Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher.

NCTB Solution Class 9-10 Chapter 3 “All about Heart”:


NCTB Bangladesh Board

9 – 10 (Nine – Ten Classes)




Chapter Name

All about Heart

Chapter 3 “All about Heart”

  • Multiple choice questions

1) Which of the following coagulate blood ?

a) RBC b) platelet

c) WBC d) lymphocytes

Answer:- platelet

2) Which supply oxygenated blood ?

a) artery and pulmonary artery

b) vein and pulmonary vein

c) artery and pulmonary vein

d) vein and artery

Answer:- artery and pulmonary vein

Read the passage below and answer the question no 3 and 4.

Avishek got an accident on the road of manikgonj. His friend had severe bleeding for that, soblood wasneeded. Avishek said that he could donate blood without any blood test.

3) what is the blood group of Avishek ?

a) A b) B

c) AB d) O

Answer:- “O”

4) which of the gas does not occur in serum?

a) O2 b) Co2 c ) Cl2 d) N2


  • Creative questions

Que.1] Rafin is a student of class X.  His father is a healthy man . He has noticed that it takes time to cure the Injury of the body, his skin has become dry , he gets tired after little labour. So his father called in a doctor. The doctor advised rules and regulations  to keep the body healthy.

  • What is blood pressure ?

Answer:- During the expansion and contraction of the heart blood creates pressure to the walls of the artery this is called blood pressure. So blood pressure means the pressure of blood in the artery. Blood pressure depends upon the activity of heart, elasticity of arterial wall and density and amount of blood. Normal blood pressure is expressed as 120/80 mm Hg. Sphygmomanometeris the machine for determining blood pressure.

  • What js meant by systolic blood pressure?

Answer:-during the expansion and relaxation of heart blood creates pressure to the walls of the artery this is called blood pressure. The pressure in the systolic stage is called systolic blood pressure. A normal adult healthy has 110/140 mm Hg systolic blood pressure.

  • What disease rafin’s father got?

Answer:-Rafin’s father got the disease called “diabetes”. Diabetes is a kind of metabolic disease. When we eat something that food turns into glucose and gets into blood. A hormone named insulin which is secreted from pancreas turns that glucose into energy. When someone is attacked with the diabetes the pancreas does not produce sufficient amount of insulin or the body cannot use insulin. Thus the glucose in blood is increased.

  • What advice did the doctor give to rafin’s father to keep healthy? Explain.

Answer:-advice given to rafin’s father by the doctor is-

  1. Food control-diabetes patient should control food with regular medicine. Weight loss is necessary if the person is fat. Should not take sweet or sugar. They should eat protein rich and low carbohydrate food.
  2. Taking medicine- many of the patient cure by control food and disciplined life. But insulin dependant patient should take insulin.
  3. Disciplined life- regularly taking balanced diet , regular exercise, regular urine test and keeping record, avoiding sweets.

Que. 2]

  • what is blood ?

Answer:- Blood is liquid connective tissue. Animal blood is red , opaque, inter cellular, salty, and alkaline. A healthy adult person have 5 – 6 lit of blood ,( 8% of total body weight). Hemoglobin is present in blood which gives the blood red colour. It is a proteinous substance with iron. Blood contain plasma 55% and blood corpuscles 45% . Corpuscles contain RBC and WBC.

  • What is capillary ?

Answer:- A minute blood vessels which are formed with one layered endothelium and which form networks throughout the body tissues are called capillaries. Capillary connect artery and vein. It is the capillary where nutrients , oxygen, carbon dioxide, and wastes are exchanged between blood and body tissues by diffusion.

  • Explain the role of cell shown in fig. B in human body?

Answer:-the cell shown in fig. B. Is Eosinophil. It is a type of granulocyte. The cytoplasm of these is small and granular. Eosinophil secrets a chemical called histamine. Histamine prevents form allergy.

  • Both fig. A and fig. C are are located in the same connective tissue but their functions are different. Explain.

Answer:-fig. A is RBC and fig. C is thrombocytes.

Both are present in blood. But both have different functions.

RBC is red blood cell. It is floating flat bags full of heamoglobin. It carries lots of oxygen. Thrombocytes are called platelets. The main function of platelets is clotting blood. It helps in coagulation at the damaged part and stop bleeding.

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