NCTB Class 9 – 10 English Chapter 4 Are We Aware Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 9 – 10 English Solution Chapter 4 Are We Aware Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 9 – 10 English Solution Unit 4 Are We Aware All Lessons – Lesson 1 The Ferry Boat, Lesson 2 Are We Too Many, Lesson 3 Our Food and Shelter, Lesson 4 The Story of Lipi, Lesson 5 Lets become skilled workforce

NCTB Solution Class 9 – 10 Chapter 4 Are We Aware


NCTB Bangladesh Board

9 – 10




Chapter Name

Are We Aware

Lesson 1 The Ferry Boat

Tick the best answer.

(1) A ferry boat was playing on the river Here ‘Playing’ means –

Ans: (c) Travelling along a route.

(2) Why was everybody trying to be get into the boat?

Because –

Ans: (d) It was going to be dark and stormy evening.

(3) The boatman requested the people to wait, because –

Ans: (b) The boat had already too many people.

(4) “With to many people on board, the boat sank” – Here the phrase. ‘On board’ means –

Ans: (a) On the boat .

(5) It was not a fatal accident the statement tells us that –

Ans: (a) Nobody died.

(6) The boat was overcrowded. Here ‘overcrowded’ means –

Ans: (b) The boat was unable to carry any more people.

(C) Discuss in groups and write answers to these questions.

(i) Why did some people have little or no patience when the ferry boat was in danger of sinking ?

Ans: People thought that a storm was appeared and it was getting dark and if they couldn’t cross the river instantly they might fall in a big problems in case of returning home. So some of them became impatient to get the boat thought in seemed that the boat was overcrowded and in the danger of sinking.

(2) ‘No more. No more, please wait? Who said this? Explain in 2/3 sentences.

Ans: The boat man of the ferry said this, Every passenger was trying to get into the boat. But the boatman could realize the consequence of that impatience. So he was earnestly requesting the passengers to wait for the next term.

(3) Answer the questions below:

(a) If we have too many passengers at a bus of or train station, what may happen?

Ans: When the numbers of buyers are so many in the market. The sellers always take the advantages. The price of fish is likely to go up. At the same time the place will be crowded and buyers and sellers will make a lot of noise. It will create sound pollution.

(b) If we have too many passengers at the bus or train station, what may happen?

Ans: Actually, if a bus stand of railways station becomes full passengers. It will also crate sound pollution. And sound pollution may cause our hearing problem. At the same time people may feel boring such a situation.

Lesson 2 Are We Too Many

Tick the correct answer

(1) Bangladesh is a small country because –

Ans: (a) Its land area is small.

(2) Density of pollution in any country means –

Ans: (d) Too many living in sq k.m.

(3) Our yearly population growth rate is –

Ans: (b) 1.40%

(4) Our birth rate is —– per thousand.

Ans: (c) 20.1.

(5) What will be the size of our population in 2050?

Ans: (a) 150 m.

(C) Listen again and answer these questions.

(1) How do you get the population growth rate of a county?

Ans: We can get the population growth rate of a country by knowing the change in the population over a particular time.

(2) Why will the population of Bangladesh be so large in 2050?

Ans: The population of Bangladesh will be so large in 2050 because its growth rate is very high but mortality rate is going down.

(D) In terms of land area Bangladesh is (1) (larger) than Sri Lanka, but (2) Smaller than India. China is, of course, (3) bigger of all the four countries. Sri Lanka has the (4) least population among the four countries. However, china has the (5) highest population shown in the chart. In fact, china has the (6) largest population in the world and India has the (7) Second highest population in the world. On the other hand, China has the (8) least growth. Rate among the 4 countries, Bangladesh has (9) less growth rate than India, but higher birth rate than (10) china and (11) Sri Lanka.

(E) Write a paragraph about the population situation of any of the countries above

Population situation in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country. The total land area of Bangladesh is 148, 460 sq km. Its population is over 165 million. But Bangladesh is density populated area. It is the eighth largest country of the world in population. The total density of population is 1116 per sq km. The birth rate of population is 18.18 per 1000. The death rate of population is 5.5 per one thousand. That means birth rate increases in double manner, where death rate is very low. The growth rate of population is 1.04%. It is a high rate. If population grows in such a manner, it will surely be double in next twenty to twenty five years. The extra people will need many extra things and place also. They also need food, clothes, schools and other necessary things. But Bangladesh cannot afford to met all these additional things. So we should take a serious steps to control the growth of population.

Lesson 3 Our Food and Shelter

(D) Tick the best answer.

(1) The rate of increase in food production cannot keep pace with the rate of population growth.

The sentence means that the food production

Ans: (b) is less than what is needed.

(2) How can our housing problem add to our food problem?

Ans: (d) for making too many houses, people are using the crop land.

(3) What makes our land shrink day by day mentioned in line no. 13?

Ans: (b) Houses and factories are being built on it.

(4) Many people may have to live on trees, because –

Ans: (c) They may not find land to make houses.

(5) People are cutting trees to –

Ans: (d) Grow crops or make houses.

(E) Make a list of things Ms Choudhury saw as a child in the village. Why do you think she liked them?

Ans: The things Ms Choudhury saw as a child are –

(1) Green paddy fields

(2) Yellow mustard field

(3) A tall tarmarind tree

(4) A big banyan tree

(5) A wood in the northern side of the village

From the text we know that she liked them as. She tells her students in the class that her childhood days were delightful. And in the description of her childhood she expresses her fondness to those things.

Lesson 4 The Story of Lipi

Make predictions. One is done for you.

If Lipi had married Tara Mia that time –

(a) She would have become a mother of one or children.

(b) Her health hazard would increase.

(c) All her dreams would be shattered.

(d) She could have died at the time of going birth of her child.

(C) Fill in the blanks in the passage with will/would.

“I don’t exactly how I should go about my plan. But one thing I know for sure. I (1) will need a lot of money for the work. If I had 5 million taka. I (2) would start an adult education centre. Then if I found an expert on adult education. I (3) would prepare learning materials for the people. If you ask him what the materials (4) would look like, he (5) would be able to explain in details. I know if the people attented the class at the centre, they (6) would learn how to read, write and count. I (7) would definitely give time to this project. But to carry out the project successfully. I (8) will have to live in the village almost permanently. Here is a problem. Who (9) will take care of my flat in Dhaka? If I had a good, reliable man, I (10) would make him caretaker of my flat. But where (11) will I find such a man?

(D) Read the beginning of the story. Write ten now sentences to complete the story in a way you would like.

Ans: Nahar was very honest. She decided to find out the original owner of his gold. Her husband tried to prevent her from doing so. But she did not listen to him she continued to look for the original owner. She decided to utilize the gold for Nobel works. So she decided to sell the gold and build a charitable orphanage and hospital in her village home. Doing all these soon she became very famous and honoured everywhere. She always tried to help the poor farmers of her village. Thus he village has become very prosperous.

Lesson 5 Let’s become skilled workforce

(E) Write a paragraph by rearranging the following sentences or sentence parts

Ans: You cannot speak all the language of different people of different countries to communicate with them. Therefore you need a common language. i.e. English, which is understood by people more or less all over the world. For example, you can do business with a Chinese, a Japanese a France, an Arab or a Nigerian if you know English. You can learn a common language in and outside the classroom, also other things like the radio, TV, computers and newspapers can help you learn English.

(F) Discuss in groups and write answers to these questions.

(1) Describe briefly the things that have made the present world smaller.

Ans: The use of internet, Skype, 3G technology Google search engine, Gmail, video conferencing, satellite TV, have made this present world smaller.

(2) Give reasons why a common language needed in today’s world.

Ans: It’s not possible for a personal speak in different languages. Again for businessman communication they must have learn English. For higher studies learn English, for better jobs and salaries are have learn English. It is a strong stool to develop our self.

(3) Why is English needed all the more in Bangladesh?

Ans: if we learn English we can communicate with the rest of worlds effectively. People who know good English are required everywhere in order to avail the best opportunities. We have to learn English.

(4) How can our youths become skilled work force?

Ans: First, the youths should set a goal. After setting the goal they should work according to the way to goal. In order to be educated in the latest science technology’s they have to be really good in the skills of English. They have to work for the development of the nation. If they develop themself, the nation also be developed.


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