NCTB Class 9 – 10 English Chapter 13 Media and Modes of E-communication Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 9 – 10 English Solution Chapter 13 Media and Modes of E-communication Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher NCTB Class 9 – 10 English Solution Unit 13 Media and Modes of E-communication All Lessons – NCTB Class 9 – 10 English Solution UNIT 13 Media and Modes of E-communication All Lessons – Lesson 1: Media of modes of E-communication, Lesson 2: social Network services, Lesson 3: E-Learning,

NCTB Solution Class 9 – 10 Chapter 13 Media and Modes of E-communication

Board NCTB Bangladesh Board
Class 9 – 10
Subject English
Chapter 13
Chapter Name Media and Modes of E-communication

Media and Modes of E-communication

Lesson 1: Media of modes of E-communication

(1) What is an e-mail?

Ans: An e-mail is an electronic mail, which is the way of exchanging digital text messages from a sender to one or multiple recipients.

(2) How do emails operate?

Ans: Emails operate linked through a network of computers linked by the internet.

(3) How do the commercial servers serve in the process of an email?

Ans: Commercial servers serve by accepting the text message from the sender and then forwarding and delivering to the digital mail box of an recipient.

(4) “It has been a powerful communication tool in modern life “explain the statement.

Ans: It is a reliable and speedy way of communication.

(5) How do emails affect our daily work schedule?

Ans: Through it people of different corners of the world can come closer to one another with in a fraction of time. It can lesson the Work land of teaches student doctors and businessman etc.

(D) Work in pairs and discuss the steps of your normal days, weekends etc.

Ans: In normal days, I just do my everyday work – Like wake up early morning at 6 a.m. and do all my all work. Then at 10 am completing my breakfast and go to school and at 4 pm came to school. After that completing my lunch and went to bed and take rest for some time. In the evening I started to completing my home work. At 10 PM completing my dinner and go to bed at 10.30 P.M. so every day I do all this thing. But weekend days are different from normal days.

Well it depend, on my mood. If I talk about Sunday, I wake up early as usual and complete my study. After than do many things like composing music, or watching movie with my parents or go out with them.

Around 5 P.M. I go out for playing football. And come back at 7. P.M after take a shower, we go out alto gether. Have fun and come back. Then completing dinner and drink up milk and after that it’s time for bed to sleep.


Send, say, use, remain, call, expand, allow, develop, spread

Sending text messages electronically could be used to date back to the Morse cod telegraph of the mid 1800s and the 1939 New York world’s fair. In the fair, IBM send a letter of congratulations from San Francisco to New York on an IBM radio-type, developing it a high speed. Substitude for mail service in the world of tomorrow, Teleprinters were expanded in Germany during World War 11. The use remained until the Late 1960s when there was a World Wide Telex network. Additionally, there was the similar American system called TWX which remained important until the late 1980s.

With the introduction of MIT’s compatible Time-sharing system (CTSS) in 1961, for the first time multiple users were allowed to log into a central system from remote dial-up terminals. They were also able to store and share files on the central disk. Informal methods of using this to pass messages developed and were spread to create the first true e-mail system.

Lesson 2: social Network services

(1) What do you understand by social networks?

Ans: Social networks is a facilited social relations among people around the world.

(2) What are some uses of social network?

Ans: The users can interact through the internet. This service make it possible to connect people sharing interests and activities across the border.

(3) “These services …… have made a lot for the users to feel that they really live in a global village.” Do you agree with this view? Why/why not?

Ans: I really agree with this statement above because social network services help people in many ways. A student can get all information of a foreign university with an one click. Many people are getting good jobs Worldwide. We can download and upload our images. Finally I like to say there are reasons to believe that the users of social network love in a global village.

(4) Make a list of the arguments as to why social networks are expanding so fast. Why do you think this is happenings?

Ans: There many reasons for which social networks are explanding so fast. Some of them are –

(i) Most of the services are free of cost

(ii) One can make ones personal profile

(iii) One can present himself before the entire world.

(iv) One can look into others people profile if interested

(v) They allow people to upload pictures, multimedia content

(vi) They allow people to post blog

So I think the above mentioned reason are logical for the expanding of social network services.

(D) Choose the text answer.

(1) The internet technology has helped social networking sites to emerge.

(2) Users have to pay for their online connections.

(3) User accounts have personal secrecy protection measures.

(4) User profiles have a section for other’s remarks.


(F) (1) Q: which social network is the most popular?

A: Facebook is the most popular social network.

Q: How many individual users use Facebook?

A: About 739 million.

Q: Which part of the world is Facebook mostly used in?

A: Worldwide, it’s popular Worldwide among individual users.

(2) Q: Which social network the least popular?

A: My space is least popular.

Q: How many individual users use my space?

A: Six crores Ten Lakhs Thirty three thousand users use my space.

Q: Which social networking system among individual users is mostly used?

A: Facebook is mostly used among individual users.

Lesson 3: E-Learning

(F) Complete the following sentences with suitable words.

(1) Education experts have been utilising the advantages of computer technology for a long time.

(2) In E-Learning, everything from admission to certification must be done or taken place electronically through computer and the Internet technology in a virtual campus.

(3) In some online courses, you may give your test online.

(4) In case of online programmes, there must, be some conventional campus from where your certificate will come.

(5) In e-learning, all activities are digitised and educated by a system called learning (LMS).


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