NCTB Class 8 English Chapter 8 News ! News ! News ! Solution

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Bangladesh Board Class 8 English Solution Chapter 8 News ! News ! News ! Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 8 English Solution Unit 8 News ! News ! News ! All Lessons – Lesson 1 What is news? Lesson 2 The first newspaper Lesson 3 TV news report Lesson 4 Walk -in-interview! Lesson 5 A torch bearer.

NCTB Solution Class 8 Chapter 8 News ! News ! News !


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Chapter Name

News ! News ! News !

Lesson 1: What is news?

(1) What features should news have?

Ans: The features should have in the news –

(i) The news should be a piece of information

(ii) The information should be recent or new and hence it is ‘news’.

(iii) Mass people should take interest in it.

(iv) News should be self-explained

(v) It should be objective news is either printed or broadcast or on the internet.

(2) What is the difference between news and an event?

Ans: Events are always common. They happen every day or on some occasions. An event is never become a news. But when event creates any information then it become a news.

News should be always new or recent and it also self explained. People should take interest in it.

(3) ‘….. It should be self explained …….’ What does it mean here?

Ans: Here it mean ‘news’ which should be self-explained. That is, it should answer all the questions with who, which, what, where, when, why and how.

(4) What are the opinions about the term ‘news’?

Ans: The opinions about the term ‘news’ are come from ‘new’. Others say it is news because it comes from all directions. North, East, west and south.

(5) What must be there in the information in a newspaper?

Ans: There must be in the information in a newspaper is recent or new and hence it is ‘news’.



Bunk off

Stay away/leave school/work without permission


Ways of getting information e.g. radio, TV, newspaper, etc.

Not influenced by personal feelings opinions.


To sent out programmes on TV or radio.

 (E) Look at the Following comments

The advertisement is the most truthful part of a newspaper – Thomas Jefferson now. Make similar sentences from the following substitution table.


(F) Ask and answer with your partner.

(1) Do you read any newspaper/magazine?

Ans: Yes I read newspaper.

(2) When do you usually read it?

Ans: In the morning.

(3) Which newspaper/magazine do you read?

Ans: Bangladesh Protidin.

(4) What makes it different from other newspapers/magazine?

Ans: It holds every news and these also describe in an interesting way. This newspaper also has catchy headlines.

(5) Which news items do you like most-international affairs, sports, movie, culture, politics etc?

Ans: International affairs, movie, etc.  

(6) Do you shore your favourite news items/with your friends?

Ans: Yes.

(G) Write a Paragraph on your habit of reading newspapers – You can take clues from the questions in section F.

Ans: The newspaper is a important thing of every human’s daily life. It plays a vital role in this modern generation. Newspaper is the mirror of the world. It depicts all news in very short manner. I have the habit of reading newspapers every morning. It helps to improve general knowledge, which is essential for education. A newspaper carries variant events like news of current affairs, trade and commerce films, games and sports etc. Mostly I like the current affairs part. It enhance my knowledge about current affairs. Always bookish knowledge is not sufficient for a student. So I think newspaper gives me more information which helps me in education moreover without reading a newspaper, nobody can get any information about the all over world. But every good things has a bad effect in our life. So, I think keep an open mind and eyes to judge the all facts which happens daily in our surroundings. By the way after taking my breakfast, read the newspaper and starts my daily life routine. So I suggest every-students must have the habits of reading newspaper regularly as it is a great things of daily life.

Lesson 2: The first newspaper

(C) Read the text above again and fill in the flow are these dates relevant information. Why are these dates important in the history of newspaper?


Before the birth of Christ:

Acta Duirna was published just 59 years before the birth of Jesus Christ.

16th Century:

Printed ‘news books’ were published in England and they were based stories such as battles, disasters or public celebrations.

17th Century:

Also makes the regular publication of newspapers in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

18th Century:

The newspapers that are divered to your house each day started its journey from the 18 the century.

19th Century:

The first Bangla weekly newspaper, the Samachar Darpan.

20th Century:

The Azad became Dhaka’s first daily newspaper. It was founded in 1960s.

21th Century:

There is a change in the form and presentation of newspapers. These are no more confined to tabloid and broadsheet sizes.

(2) From your reading of the text in section B, what difference do you find in the newspapers of the present time compared to those of the early days? Justify your arguments.

Ans: Between the 16th century’s newspaper and in 21th century newspaper has find many differences. Those days newspaper were based on stories such as battles, disasters and it delivered to every-ones houses each day. But after 21th century there is a change in the form and presentation of newspapers. Now of days, Mostly all major newspaper have began publishing on online platform. Many newspapers have made their web editions free. But I think printed newspaper is still on obsession for many people and it creates huge fan base all over the world.

(E) Make a list of sentence that use ‘introductory There’ in the text in section B and then make five sentences using ‘introductory there’.

=> (1) there is a change in the form and presentation of newspapers.

(2) Is there a suitable job offer?

(3) Are there any sales?


(1) Is there a beautiful house

(2) Are there many shopes?

(3) There is a bridge over the river.

(4) Are there a lots of books?

(5) Is there a huge temple?

(F) Read the following sentences. Write T if the statements is true and F if the statement is false and then provide correct answer.

(1) It annoys people when the newspaper man passes a newspaper through the door.

=> False.

People cannot think o a day when the newspaper man passes a newspaper through the door.

(2) Newspaper more or loss provide all sorts of information we need.

Ans: True.

(3) The first newspaper was published in England.

Ans: False.

The first newspaper was published in ancient Rome.

(4) The history of newspaper dates back to recent time.

Ans: True.

(5) The Americans first introduced daily newspapers.

Ans: True.

(6) The Samachar Darpan came out once in seven days.

Ans: True.

(7) Online newspaper are common all over the world.

Ans: True.

(G) Here is a small story but the sequence of the sentences is jumbled. Work in groups to rearrange the sentences so that the text come as a cohesive paragraph.

=> (1) Rumki gets up early in the morning-6ish every day.

(2) Then she takes some light freehand exercise, get freshened, puts some water in the kettle and waits for a soft sound.

(3) Within half an hour she hears the sound of the passing the newspaper through the door.

(4) Putting it on the dining table, she quickly makes her tea and comes back to it.

(5) Collecting it, she takes a long sniff she loves it.

(6) She enjoys the page for entertainment, but she is sometimes upset with the death news.

(7) Before she takes her first sip of tea she skims the headlines.

(8) Rumki is very emotional and can’t bear it.

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