NCTB Class 8 English Chapter 6 Going on a foreign trip Solution

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Bangladesh Board Class 8 English Solution Chapter 6 Going on a foreign trip Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 8 English Solution Unit 6 Going on a foreign trip All Lessons – Lesson 1 At the airport, Lesson 2 Filling in a form, Lesson 3 Going throught immigration Lesson 4 Boarding the plane Lesson 5 Announcements on board (1) Lesson 6 Announcements on board (2) Lesson 7 Reaching Bangkok Lesson 8 The destinmation Lesson 9 The Tha Kha floating market.

NCTB Solution Class 8 Chapter 6 Going on a foreign trip


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Chapter Name

Going on a foreign trip

Lesson – 1

(C) Read the text and answer the following questions.

(1) Why is Mita excited?

Ans: Mita is excited because this is her first time to board a plane.

(2) Why aren’t Mita’s parents going with her?

Ans: Mita’s parents were too busy with their work.

(3) What does an immigration officer do at the airport?

Ans: An immigration officer checks passport and stamps it.

(D) Write a short composition about your experience of travelling to another place. It could be going to your grandparents/aunt’s/sisters/brother’s house. Write about your preparation before travelling. Your experience of the way, e.g. launch terminal, railway/bus station, airport etc.


Lesson – 3

(C) Make a list in the following grid showing what the immigration officer asks and tells Mita, and what Mita says in response. One is done for you.

Immigration Officer Mita
(1) Are you travelling alone? (1) No. I’m travelling with my aunt, uncle and cousin.
(2) is this your first visit to Thailand? (2) Yes
(3) How long are you going to stay there? (3) Seven to ten days
(4) Where are you going to stay? (4) In a hotel
(5) Have a safe journey; (5) Thanks.


(E) What are the three things needed at immigration?

Ans: The three things needed at immigration are Visa, passport, departure card.

Lesson – 4

(1) Who had a small lip gel in the hand luggage?

Ans: Mita had a small lip gel in the hand luggage.

(2) How much liquid or gel is allowed to carry in hand luggage?

Ans: 100 ml liquid or gel is allowed to carry in hand luggage.

(3) Why are liquid gel and cream not allowed on board a plane?

Ans: Liquid gel and cream are not allowed on board a plane for security reason.

(4) Which row is Mita silting in?

Ans: Mita is silting in row F23 C.

Lesson – 5

(1) The plane is —– in line to take off.

Ans: Third.

(2) The passengers are requested to fasten their ——-.

Ans: Belt.

(3) All baggage to be kept —– the seat of in the ——- compartments.

Ans: Under, over head.

(4) The seats are to be in ——– position.

Ans: Upright.

(5) All personal ——- devices are to be turned off.

Ans: electronic.

(6) It is a ——– flight.

Ans: Non Smoking.

(C) (i) Who is speaking?

Ans: The captain Rashid Akbar is speaking.

(2) What is the airspeed of the plane per hour?

Ans: The airspeed of the plane is 643.7376 km per hour.

(3) What’s the time mentioned in the announcement?

Ans: The time is 1.25 pm mentioned in the announcement.

(4) How is the weather?

Ans: The weather is good.

(5) What’s the temperature in Bangkok mentioned in the announcement?

Ans: The temperature is 32 degree Celsius in Bangkok mentioned in the announcement.

(6) Who will serve snacks and drinks?

Ans: The cabin crew will serve snacks and drinks.

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