NCTB Class 8 English Chapter 3 Health and hygiene Solution

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Bangladesh Board Class 8 English Solution Chapter 3 Health and hygiene Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 8 English Solution Unit 3 Health and hygiene All Lessons – Lesson 1 Health, Lesson 2 Ode on Solitude, Lesson 3 Hygiene, Lesson 4 A dialogue, Lesson 5 A letter, lesson 6 Physical exercise, Lesson 7 A healthy and happy family, Lesson 8 Making a class committee

NCTB Solution Class 8 Chapter 3 Health and hygiene


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Chapter Name

Health and hygiene

Lesson – 1

(B) Read the question first. Then read the text and answer the question.

(1) Why is good health essential for us?

Ans: Good health is essential for us to concentrate on any activity.

(2) Why is physical exercise necessary?

Ans: Physical exercise is necessary to keep our body fit for work.

(C) Read the text section B again silently and then choose the best answer.

(1) Health means the condition of – our body and mind

(2) A healthy person is one who – is physical and mentally sound.

(3) We need to eat – balanced food.

(4) The phrase to keep late hours means – to do things late always.

(D) Write a short paragraph about how you can maintain good health.

How to maintain good health

There are several things we need to do to maintain good health. First of all, we need to eat balanced diet and nutritious food. Then we must exercise regularly to keep our body fit for work. In addition, you need to go to bed early at night and get up early in the morning. Also we should to maintain peace of mind and not be worried about the small things of life.

Lesson – 2

(B) Answer the questions.

(1) What things does a happy man have?

Ans: A happy man have several things. For example his paternal land or own ground herds flocks, trees etc.

(2) How does he pass his time?

Ans: A happy man passes his time being quite by day, taking sound sleep at night, studying and taking rest and all above doing meditation.

(3) How does he wish to die?

Ans: He wishes to die unlamented and wishes to bomb stone to show others where he lies after death.

(4) How do you think can be happy in life?

Ans: We can be happy in life maintaining several things. For example lead a care free life and should be satisfied with what control be we have that we have to maintain a healthy body and peaceful mind. We have to be quite by day and take a sound sleep at night. Should take some rest after reading and finally we have to practice meditation.

Lesson – 3

(B) Read the following statements and say if they are true or false. If false give the correct information.

(1) Cleanliness is a part of good health.

Ans: True.

(2) Cleanliness is very important for mental health.

Ans: True.

(3) We need to wear socks and shoes to look smart.

Ans: False/we need to wear socks and shoes to protect our feel from dust and germ.

(4) We need to brush our teeth before meals.

Ans: False/we need to brush our teeth after meals.

(5) We must keep ourselves clean.

Ans: True.

(6) We can have pure drinking water from tube wells.

Ans: Falls/we can get pure drinking by boiling and filtering.

(C) Complete the following sentences.

(1) If we are healthy, we have to keep ourselves clean.

(2) We must be clean so that we can maintain good health.

(3) You must exercise to keep your body fit.

(4) Nobody likes an unclean person.

(5) If we obey the laws of hygiene we will be able to lead a healthy and happy life.

(D) Work in groups. Make a list of five things that you do daily to maintain personal hygiene. Share with other groups, make a poster and display it in the class.

Ans: (1) We have a bath and wash our hair every day.

(2) We brush our teeth twice a day.

(3) We boil our drinking water every day.

(4) We wash our hands before meals and after using the toilet every day.

(5) We clean our home and work places every day.

Lesson – 4

(C) Answer the following question.

(1) Who are taking in the dialogue?

Ans: Rabi and the doctor are talking in the dialogue.

(2) Where does the dialogue take place?

Ans: The dialogue take place in a clinic.

(3) What are Zahir Ali’s problems?

Ans: Zahir Ali has difficulty is speaking and breathing, besides, he has severe chest pain.

(4) Why can’t Zahir Ali tell the doctor about his problems?

Ans: Zahir Ali cannot tell the doctor about his problems as he has difficulty in speaking.

(5) What does the doctor prescribe him?

Ans: The doctor prescribe him tablet to take twice a day.

(D) Ask and answer the questions in pairs.

(1) Did you have any stomach pair or leg injury any time before?

Ans: Yes, once I got an injury in my leg.  

(2) When was it?

Ans: I got it while cycling when I was a student of class six.

(3) What did you do to get well?

Ans: I want to a doctor. He gave me first aid and some medicine. I got well within few days using them.

(E) Suppose you visited a doctor for a stomach pain or a bad cold. Make an imaginary dialogue between you and the doctor. Act it out in pairs.

Ans: Doctor – Please tell me your problem

Jamil – I have a severe pair in my stomach.

Doctor – Oh. I see! Let check it. Can you feel any pain when I touch your stomach?

Jamil – Ahh! Yes, I feel.

Doctor – Okay, I’m giving some medicine and tests. Meet me next week after finishing the text.

Jamil – Thank you sir.

Doctor – Welcome.

Lesson – 5

(1) ‘My father’s death is a great tragedy’ the underlined word means –

Ans: A very sad event.

(2) Rabi’s family is now completely broke because –

Ans: His father’s death was heart breaking.

(B) Ask and answer the question. First say, then write.

(1) What could be the relationship between the sender and the receiver of the letter?

Ans: The sender and the receiver of the letter could be good friend.

(2) What causes lung cancer?

Ans: While smoking cigarettes, nicotine enters into lungs. It causes lung cancer.

(3) Who do you think are the members of Rabi’s family? Why do you think so?

Ans: May be the members of Rabi’s family are his brothers and sister. I think so as he said that it was a big family of seven.

(4) Imagine you are Sohel. Now write a reply to Rabi’s letter.


10/5, Shen Para
Sylhet – 3100

Dear Rabi, I received your letter yesterday. I cloud not hold back my tears after reading it. Really this is a shocking matter and a great loss for you and your family. I have no language to comfortable you. Yet, I advise you to have strength and patience in mind. Now you have great responsibility in front of you. May Allah help you to recover your sorrow to go ahead. Beside, we friend are always with you, no more today.

Yours ever

Lesson – 6

(1) What things are necessary for good health?

Ans: Lots of things are necessary for good health. Healthy food, proper rest and sleep, clean, and tidy and regular physical exercise.

(2) How many physical exercises are there?

Ans: There many physical exercises both indoors and outdoors such as free hand exercises, sports, swimming, walking etc.

(3) Why do we need physical exercise?

Ans: We need physical exercise to keep ourselves fit for work, to get energy, to be strong and cheerful and to learn regularity discipline.

(4) Why physical exercise do you do?

Ans: I do free hand exercise I playing, swimming and walking etc.

(5) Do you have a physical education teacher in your school? How does he help you to do physical exercise?

Ans: Yes, we have physical education teacher in our school. He teaches us various types of free hand exercises before the class started.

(C) Here is a list of some exercises now, go to board and tick which ones you like. Then write which ones are indoor exercises and which are outdoors. And which ones can be done both indoors and outdoors.

Ans: (1) Playing sports – Both

(2) Swimming – Outdoor

(3) Skipping – Both

(4) Jogging – Outdoor

(5) Walking – Both

(6) Stretching – Both

(D) Ask and answer the question.

(1) Why do you need regular physical exercise?

Ans: We need regular physical exercise to keep ourselves fit for work, to get energy, to be strong and cheerful, to learn regularity and discipline etc.

(2) What does physical exercise teach you?

Ans: Physical exercise teaches us regularity and discipline.

(3) Do you do physical exercise every day? What of exercise do you do?

Ans: Yes, I do physical exercise every day. I do free hand exercise, playing, swimming and walking etc.

(4) What’s your favorite sport? Do you take part in it? If so, where do you play it and who with?

Ans: My favorite sport is cricket. Yes I take part in it. I play it in the school playground with my friends.

Lesson – 7

(B) (1) How far is Shakib’s house from his school?

Ans: Shakib’s house is for kilometers away from his school.

(2) Why is shakib’s house free from mosquitoes?

Ans: Shakib’s house is free from mosquitoes because he and –his parents clean waste materials around their house.

(C) Listen again and write ‘true’ or ‘false’ against each of the following statements.

(1) Shakib’s family lives in a remote town.

Ans: False/Shakib’s family lives in a remote village.

(2) He has no brothers or sisters.

Ans: True.

(3) His parents do not know how to read or write.

Ans: False/his parents do know how to read or write.

(4) His mother is an excellent cook.

Ans: True.

(5) Shakib does not participate in cleaning activities at home.

Ans: False/Shakib participates in cleaning activities at home.

(D) Look at the table, then listen again to the teacher/CD. The table has some words from the text that you have just listened. First guess the meanings of the words. Then match them with their meanings. One is done for you.


Words Meanings
Remote Isolated
Literate Able to read or write
Delicious Having a very pleasant taste
Aware Knowing causes harm to your health
Harmful About a disease that
Contagious I spreads from one person to another.

 Lesson – 8

(C) Choose the best answer.

(1) Ms Subarna saha is –

Ans: (c) A class teacher.

(2) The class teacher suggested the students to make a forum.

Ans: (a) to keep their classroom clean.

(3) The students were happy to be able to –

Ans: (b) Take part in the cleaning programme at school.

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