NCTB Class 8 English Chapter 2 Food and nutrition Solution

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Bangladesh Board Class 8 English Solution Chapter 2 Food and nutrition Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 8 English Solution Unit 2 Food and nutrition All Lessons – Lesson 1 Good food, Lesson 2 Kinds of food, Lesson 3 Our daily diet, Lesson 4 A deliciuos dish, Lesson 5 A little plant.

NCTB Solution Class 8 Chapter 2 Food and nutrition


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Chapter Name

Food and nutrition

Lesson 1

(B) Answer the following questions:

(1) What is Ms Rehna talking about?

Ans: MS Rehna is talking about food.

(2) Why do we eat food?

Ans: We eat food because it important for our body and we can’t live without it.

(3) What is meant by ‘nutritious food?

Ans: Nutritious food means good food which contains natural substances that our body needs to grow properly and stay healthy.

(4) How much food does a person need to eat a day?

Ans: A person needs to eat only a certain amount of food a day that is body needs.

(5) Does everyone need the same amount of food? Why?

Ans: No, everyone does not need the same amount of food. Because it differs according to growth and physical structure.

(C) Complete these sentences.

(1) We should eat good food to grow properly and stay healthy.

(2) We should not eat more than our body needs.

(3) Eating too much food is not good for health.

(4) Good food means the right kind of food for good health.

Lesson – 2

(1) Hoe many kinds of food do we need?

Ans: We need five kinds of food.

(2) What are they?

Ans: They are carbohydrate, fat, protein, minerals and vitamins.

(1) Now choose the best answer:

(1) Food are divided into classes according to their – (c) substances they contain.

(2) Potatoes contain a lot of – Carbohydrate

(3) Butter and ghee are a good source of – fat

(4) Minerals are present in – water

(5) Which food has the most carbohydrate – rice

Lesson – 3

(B) Make five question from the following table:

(1) Why do we need to eat good food?

(2) What do vegetables contain?

(3) What is good for our skin?

(4) What foods are essential for our body?

(5) What do minerals do to us?

(C) Now write the answers to the question that you have made in section B.


(1) We need to eat good food for our good health and so we must choose the right food in our daily diet.

(2) Vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and minerals.

(3) Fruit I good for our skin

(4) Milk and water are essential for our body. It’s good for our healthy growth.

(5) Minerals keep our body free from diseases.

(D) Read the text in section A again and tick the best answer.

(1) Milk is highly rich in calcium.

(2) Fruits and vegetables are good for general health.

(3) Water is most important for life.

Lesson – 4

(D) Describe how to make a cup of tea using the following sentence connectors

First, Then, Next, After that, Finally

=> Ingredients:- (For 2 persons 2 cup tea)

(1) Water – 1 cup

(2) Milk – 1 cup

(3) Tea – 2/3 spoons

(4) Sugar – 2 table spoon

How to prepare: First take a bowl and add! cup of water. Now boil the water, then add pour milk and sugar in it. Next pour tea in it. After few minutes strain it and after that pour in a flax. Now it’s ready. Finally, serve it.

Lesson – 5

(C) Ask and answer the questions:

(1) Where is the little plant sleeping?

Ans: The little plant is sleeping in the hard of a seed.

(2) Who spoke to the little plant?

Ans: The voice of the bright rain drop spoke to the little plant.

(3) What did they want with this little plant to do?

Ans: They wanted to do with this little plant to rise/or they wanted the little plant rise.

(4) What two things do plant need things. They are earth and water.

Ans: To grow plant needs two things. They are earth and water.  

(5) Which word in the poem means ‘grow’?

Ans: In the poem the word ‘rose’ means ‘grow’.

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