NCTB Class 7 Home science Chapter 8“Nutrients of food, Digestion and Absorption” Solution

NCTB Class 7 Home science Chapter 8“Nutrients of food, Digestion and Absorption” Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 7 Home science Solution Chapter 8“Nutrients of food, Digestion and Absorption” Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher.

NCTB Solution Class 7 Chapter 8 “Nutrients of food, Digestion and Absorption”


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Chapter Name

“Nutrients of food, Digestion and Absorption ”

Multiple choice questions:

(1) Answer:-  (b) 6.

(2) Answer:-   (b) Protein.

(3) Answer:-  (b) Minerals.

(4) Answer:-  (d) Sea fish, liver, Egg yolk.

Creative questions:

(1) (a) Answer:-  Vitamins are different kinds of complex bio-chemical compounds which exist in foods.

(1) (b) Answer:-  Digestive system is very important to are body—By this process food converted into simple form. Then enter to the blood stream and different elements of nutrients reach to different cells from blood.

(1) (c) Answer:-  From this type of food we can get heat and energy. Its helps us to our physical growth. And our bones become became powerful.

(1) (d) Answer:-  Yes i am agree, If we taken less in amount than necessary it may create deficiency of calorie. The Wright of body will be increased quickly.

(2) (a) Answer:-  Digestion is the conversion of the complex form of nutrients into simple form after taking food.

(2) (b) Answer:-  When a person suffer from diarrhoea with the stool, the body gets the necessary water out. Gradually the body’s stored water is completely depleted. The patient gradually becomes ill and his body becomes dehydrated.

(2) (c) Answer:- The foods given to Tanha by her mother consist carbohydrate, protein, vitamin minerals, calcium.

(2) (d) Answer:-  The foods which are given be his mother is very useful to Tanha, because those foods gives her strength again to build her body again and recover from her present condition. Protein produce energy, prevent diseases vitamins help in building blood cells and minerals control the internal function of body.

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