NCTB Class 7 Home science Chapter 2“Buying Household Appliances” Solution

NCTB Class 7 Home science Chapter 2“Buying Household Appliances” Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 7 Home science Solution Chapter 2“Buying Household Appliances” Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher.

NCTB Solution Class 7 Chapter 2 “Buying Household Appliances”


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Chapter Name

“Buying Household Appliances ”

Multiple choice questions:-

(1) Which one is a cooking appliance?

Answer:- Cooking Spud.

(2) Which one is important while buying appliances?

Answer:- Demand.

(3) Which factor did Chameli consider for purchasing a dinner set?

 Answer:- Market price.

(4) What benefit did Chameli get by following the way mentioned in the stem?

 Answer:- Money could be saved.

Creative questions:- 

(1) (a) How many rights are there to save consumers’ interest?

Answer:- There are seven basic rights to save consumers interest.

(1) (b) Explain the necessity of planning before buying household appliances. Answer:- We must plan before buying anything. The meaning of planning is the thing that is in demand where it can be found in the market, how much does this thing cost or whether we have the ability to by that thing.

(1) (c) Which rights was not applied by Mubina while buying the juice- Explain.

Answer:- The right of information was not applied by muffin a while buying the juice. She should have been aware of the product whenever she bought it. She brought the product at home without seeing all that.

(1) (d) The buyers like Mubina are not aware of their rights as consumers- analyze this statement.

Answer:- There are seven basic rights of consumers throughout the world. If we are not aware of our rights than we have to cheat. We must have the right idea about which product to buy. The consumer’s rights are —

(i) Right of safety.

(ii) Right of Information.

(iii) Right for complaint.

(iv) Right to get compensation.

(v) Right to choose.

(vi) Right to get a healthy environment.

(vii) Right to get consumer education.

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