NCTB Class 7 English Chapter 9 Climate Change Solution

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Bangladesh Board Class 7 English Solution Chapter 9 Climate Change Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 7 English Solution Unit 9 Climate Change All Lessons – Lesson 1 Mother Earth in crisis, Lesson 2 Bangabandhu’s Responses to Natural Calamities, Lesson 3 What happens in Bangaldesh? Lesson 4 What can we do?

NCTB Solution Class 7 Chapter 9 Climate Change


NCTB Bangladesh Board





Chapter Name

Climate Change

Lesson 1 Mother Earth in crisis

(B) Choose the right answer:

(1) Which one of these is an example of climate change?

Answer: A hot summer day.

(2) What does ‘climbing’ mean in the statement ‘temperatures are climbing’?

Answer: Going up.

(3) If things go on like this – in this sentence ‘go on’ means.

Answer: To continue.

(4) Anwar used the phrase ‘our mother Earth’. He used the phrase because

Answer: The earth takes care of us like a mother.

(5) How did Samina and Arif react to what Anwar said about climate change?

Answer: They wanted to know more about climate change.

Lesson 2 Bangabandhu’s Responses to Natural Calamities

(c) Match the words in column A with the meaning in column B.

Column A Column B
Extreme (adj) Utmost
Aware (n) Conscious
Famine (n) Scarcity of food
Survive (v) Live
Initiative Step
Destroy (v) Spoil
Combat (v) Fight
Devastating (adj) Destructive

 (D) Match the beginning of sentences in Column A with the ending in Column B.

Column A Column B
(1) The tornado in 1970 Killed about half a lakh of people
(2) Sheikh Mujib faced much Big cyclones in the 60’s
(3) Natural calamities were effectively managed By the government
(4) Bangabandhu could anticipate the future natural calamities in Bangladesh and he Established Ministry of Disaster management and relief in 1972
(5) The Pakistan government was apathetic About the tornado victims of Bhola  in 1970

 (E) There are some statements/facts below. Read the text in section B again and put tick marks (Right) against the statements which go with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

(1) Visited the tornado – hit areas (Right).

(2) Was apathetic about the famine victims (Wrong).

(3) Provided relief goods to the tornado victims (Right).

(4) Went to West Pakistan for food supply (Wrong).

(5) Pressed the Pakistan government to stand by the side of distressed people (Wrong).

(6) Had empathy with the poor people (Right).

(7) Managed natural calamity very well during his time in the government (Right).

(8) Did not have empathy for the poor (Wrong).

(9) Established Ministry of Disaster management and relief (Right).

(10) Opened free food Centres across the country(Right).

(F) Ask and answer the following questions in pairs:

(1) What are the main effects of climate change?

Answer: The main effects of climate change are extreme degradation of weather.

(2) How many large natural calamities took place in Bangabandhu’s life?

Answer: A terrible natural calamities took place in Bangabandhu’s life. Also the small and big cyclones and other disaster’s in the sixties made Mujib much aware of steps that need to be taken to face the natural calamities.

(3) Why was Bangabandhu unhappy with the Pakistan government?

Answer: Bangabandhu was unhappy with the Pakistan government because the response by the Pakistan government was slow and inadequate.

(4) How did Bangabandhu provide support to the people in the affected area?

Answer: The people who survived did not have food, clothes, medicines and drinking water, that time, Mujib provided relief and other types of support to the suffering people.

Lesson 3 What happens in Bangaldesh?

(B) Tick the best answer:

(1) One outcome of climate change in Bangladesh is –

Answer: The monsoon is becoming irregular.

(2) The cyclone that hit Bangladesh 2009 is called.

Answer: Aila.

(3) It is likely that 10.9 percent of Bangladesh will go under water if the sea level rises to –

Answer: (b) 45 centimeters.

(4) The phrase ‘Coastal region’ means on area –

Answer: (d) Close to the sea.

(5) The phrase ‘prolonged cold spells’ means –

Answer: (a) Long duration of cold waves.

(D) Write five slogans to make people aware of the problems of climate change two are done for you.

(1) Polluted environment effect human normal life.

(2) Stop polluting mother earth.

(3) To make healthy environment it also provided good human heart.

Lesson 4 What can we do?

(B) Match the sentence parts in A with those in B.

(1) if I have shorter showers I will Help save water at home.
(2) I can help cars off the road By walking to school and shops.
(3) When I leave a room I can save energy by Turning the light off.
(4) Putting on a jumper instead of the heater Will keep me warm in winter
(5) Plastic bags harm wildlife, instead I can Use bags made of jute or paper
(6) I can dry my hair in the sun Without using a hair dryer
(7) I can reduce, reuse and recycle The waste I make
(8) In my garden, I should plant Plants that are good for environment
(9) When I am shopping I should Choose products with less packaging
(10) Batteries are highly toxic, if I need to use batteries I can Use rechargeable ones
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