NCTB Class 7 English Chapter 7 Games and Sports Solution

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Bangladesh Board Class 7 English Solution Chapter 7 Games and Sports Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 7 English Solution Unit 9 Games and Sports All Lessons – Lesson 1 Tales of two players (1), Lesson 2 Tales of two players (2), Lesson 3 Bangabandhu’s Love for Sports, Lesson 4 What games and sports do you like?, Lesson 5 Sports personalities, Lesson 6 Our golden boys and girls.

NCTB Solution Class 7 Chapter 7 Games and Sports


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Chapter Name

Games and Sports

Page – 70

(D) Answer the following questions:

(1) What’s your favourite sport?

Answer: My favourite sport is cricket.

(2) What’s your favourite team?

Answer: My favourite team is our Bangladesh cricket team.

(3) Who is the captain?

Answer: Shakib Al Hasan is the captain.

(4) Who is your favourite player?

Answer: Shakib Al Hasan is my favourite player.

(5) How often do you go to the stadium and watch sports programmes?

Answer: We go to the stadium was very rare and watch sports programmes it was also very rare.

Page – 72

(F) Write the time for reach activity in the chart:

Activity Time
Get up 6:30 AM
Go for jogging 7:00 AM
Have a shower 7:00 AM
Get dressed for school 8:00 AM
Go to school If the school starts at 9:00 AM. We have to start from home 8:30 AM.
Come home 2:30 PM
Have some light food 3:30 PM
Finish study 9:00 PM
Go to bed Before 11:00 PM

 Page – 73

(B) (1) Does Ashis live in a city?

Or, does he live in a city?

(2) Does he play tennis?

(3) Does she like athletics?

(4) Do they live in same area?

(5) Does he go to school?

or Make a personal fact file to tell about a day in your life. Answer the questions:

(1) What time do you get up?

Answer: I get up at 6:30 AM.

(2) What do you have for breakfast?

Answer: Usually I like homemade breakfast. I take homemade bread, some days with vegetables and egg.

(3) How do you go to school?

Answer: I go to school on my foot.

(4) What games or sports do you play? Why?

Answer: I personally like badminton and volleyball. Through badminton is a seasonal game in our country but it is very good game.

(5) Who is your favourite sports star?

Answer: My favourite sports star is Shakib-Al-Hasan because cricket is my favourite sport.

(6) When do you go home from school?

Answer: I go home from school after finishing our class. When the schools end we go to our resident.

(7) Do you go home at the same time every day?

Answer: It’s not possible because we have to do six days class and there is a half day class. So we do not go home at same time every day.

(8) What is the first thing do when you get back home?

Answer: At first when I get back home at first I go to wash room to clean myself.

(9) How long do you watch television each day?

Answer: Now a days plenty of material and so many channels on television from where we can learn a lot of things. But when complete my study after that only one hour or one n a half hour I watch television each day.

(10) What’s your favourite programme?

Answer: My favourite programme which are related to the education.

(11) How often do you go out with your friends?

Answer: Not every day only in a weekend I go out with my friends only for some time.

(12) Where do you go? What do you do together?

Answer: Actually I go with my classmates in school field to play with my friends.

(13) What time do you go to bed?

Answer: I always go to bed before 11 PM.

(14) What is your dream for future?

Answer: Without a dream we cannot reach the goal. So all student should have a dream. I always from my children, I wanted to be a teacher, that is my dream for future.

Page – 77

(C) Math the parts of the sentences in column A with the right ending of the sentences in column B

Column A Column B
(1) Mujib did not disagree to the head master’s proposal. With a view to acknowledging the contributions of Bangabandhu in sports. (4)
(2) BCCB was established in 1972 Under the captaincy of Sheikh Mujib (8)
(3) In the 1940s, Mujib played at About his son’s physical fitness (6)
(4) Sheikh Mujib was trying to convince his head teacher, Babu Rasran-Jan-Sengupta Whom he respected much. (1)
(5) Mujib had a great To provide support to the cricketers (7)
(6) Sheikh Lutfor Rahman was worried A national level club in Dhaka (3)
(7) Bangabandhu Krirasebi Kolyan foundation was founded Because he wanted to energize his team players. (2)
(8) Wonderers club performed very well Love for games and sports (5)

(D) Ask and answer the following questions in pairs:

(1) How did Mujib make a strong football team in mission school?

Answer: Mujib would collect the best players for his team form the sub-division and get them admitted into mission school with full-free studentships. In this way Mujib made a strong football team in mission school.

(2) Why didn’t Sheikh Lutfor Rahman like to allow his son to play much?

Answer: Sheikh Lutfor Rahman didn’t like to allow his son to play much as Sheikh Mujib had a heart problem and he worried about his son’s physical fitness.

(3) What are the contributions of the father of two Nation to sports?

Answer: The contributions are –

The father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibar Rahman established Bangladesh football federation (BFF) and Bangladesh Cricket Control Board (BCCB), in 1972 for the development of cricketers. Bangabandhu krirasebi Kolyan foundation was also founded in 1975 to provide support to the players and their families also.

(E) Read the statements in column A and write if they are True or False in column B.

Column A Column B
(1) Mujib did not agree to the head teacher’s proposal. False
(2) There were consecutive draws in the tournaments between the mission school and the officer’s club. True
(3) The officer’s club was not defeated in the final match True
(4) Sheikh Lutfor Rahman was happy to see his son playing False
(5) Sheikh Mujib increased engagement in sports after his collage life False


Passionate, defeat, hire, expense, difficult, propose, tournament, convince


Sheikh Mujibar Rahman used to take part in tournament with his team mates of mission school but his father would hired the best players of the area. Mujibi passionated for games and continuous practices helped to him win in most competitions. Mujibi team-mates were younger, energetic, slim and faster in movement. It was not difficult for Mujib to defeated other teams including his father’s officer’s club. Although tired and hurt. Mujibi was convinced with the head teachers propose to play in the following morning. However, in the final match, Mujibi’s team got defeated by one-nil. Sheikh Lutfor Rahman felt stress free as he won’t have to bear expensed on the hired players.

Page – 81

(1) (1) At first Brazilian football star Pele.

(2) Next West Indian star Brain Lara is a great cricketer.

(3) Next Nishat Mazumdar. She is a mountaineer.

(4) Next Sachin Tendulkar is a cricket Icon of Indian Cricket history.

(5) Tennis Star Serena Williams.

(6) Kazi Salahuddin. He is a president of Bangladesh football federation.

(7) Sakib-Ul-Hasan, is a very popular cricketer of Bangladesh and also in all over India.

(8) Last one Diego. Maradona is a Argentina football player. His time he was very popular.

(B) Energetic – Here are some cricketers brain Lara, Sachin Tendulkar or Sakib-Ul-Hasan, rather the picture of two football player. They are energetic too and they all are also strong too. Player should be strong and energetic.

Young – Sakib-Ul-Hasan is the youngest among the eight picture.

Middle-aged – We can see that were brain Lara, Kazi Salahuddin, Diego Maradona, they are all middle aged person.

Old – Here is an old guy, who died last year. He is a Brazilian football star Pele.

Manly – Manly means brave among the eight picture Nishat Mazumdar has a manly behavior. To be a mountainer he/she needs boldness, so he a manly —– nature.

Entertaining – Serena William is very very entertaining.

Interesting – Serena William, sometimes she becomes angry in the field, in the track, sometimes laugh and sometimes danced.

Smashing – I can remember some smashing shots of Brain Lara and Sachin Tendulkar and Sakib-Ul-Hasan.

Successful – All the above eight person who all are successful in their career.

Great – Kazi Salahuddin in is a great player.

Sober – Sober mean serious. We can say many person of there, who are Sober in their carrier, like – Serena William, Brain Lara, Nishat Mazumdar, Pele, Kazi Salahuddin, Sakib-Ul-Hasan, Sachin Tendulkar.

Smart – According to me all the players here are smart.

(C) Some of the words in the box above have opposite meanings. Worth in pairs and write the opposite words against them, the first one is done for you. Shout – slim.

Attractive – Unattractive Strong – Weak
Young – Old Old – New
Successful – Unsuccessful Manly – Weak
Sober – emotional Smart – Minor
Great – Small Entertaining – Boring
Interesting – Boring  

 Page – 82

(E) True or false? If false, give the correct information.

(1) In 1999 Pele was voted football of the century by IOC.

Answer: False – In 1999 Pele was football player of the century by IFFHS.

(2) In the same year, Pele was honoured as the athlete of the century.

Answer: True.

(3) He is one of the top scorers in the football world with more than one thousand goals.

Answer: False – He is one of the top scorers in the football world with more than Twelve hundred goals.

(4) Pele is an international hero in his country.

Answer: False – Pele is an national hero in his country.

(5) He is one of the football players with three world cup winning medals.

Answer: True.


Prove, Play, Become, Vote, Win, Be, Captain, Spend


Diego Armando Maradona was born in a poor family and spend his childhood in a slum. However he proved his football talent at the age of ten only. Now he became considered the greatest football player of all time. Played for his club. He was the highest scorer for your consecutive seasons. In 1984, at the peak of his form, Salahuddin decided to retire from football. He also scored two goals in the last league match against brothers union. He was the best player in that match too. Later Salahuddin ———- a football coach and manager of his favourite team Abahani Krira Chokro. Salahuddin’s name as a football organiser is also remarkable. Salahuddin is an icon for our football lovers of all ages.

(B) Complete the questions about Salahuddin and then answer them.

(1) When was Salahuddin popular as a football player? During the 70s and the mid-80s
(2) Why did swadhin Bangla football team raise fund? To support their freedom fight.
(3) Hoe many consecutive years was Salahuddin score the highest goal? Four consecutive seasons
(4) When did he retire from the professional football? In 1984 at the peak of his form
(5) What did Salahuddin do after his retirement from football Salahuddin because a football coach
(6) Other than Bangladesh, where does Salahuddin go to play professional football? Salahuddin goes to play professional football in Hong Kong.
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