NCTB Class 6 Science Chapter 6 Sensory Organs Solution

NCTB Class 6 Science Chapter 6 Sensory Organs Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 6 Science Solution Chapter 6 Sensory Organs Solution  Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher.

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 6 Sensory Organs:

Board NCTB Bangladesh Board
Class 6
Subject Science
Chapter Six
Chapter Name Sensory Organs

Fill in the blanks:-

(1) Light enters the eyes through the——-.

Ans:- Retina.

(2) There are three bones in the———–.

Ans:- Middle ear.

(3) ———- on the last part of the external ear.

Ans:- Ear drum.

(4) There are ——- on the tongue.

Ans:- Taste buds.

(5) The sensory calls are compacted to the —– by special nerves.

Ans:- Brain.

Multiple choice questions:-

(1) The commander of the body is——.

Ans:- (iv) Brain

(2) Sweat is produced——-.

Ans:- (ii) Sweat gland.

(3) The boy is——.

Ans:- (i) Skin.

(4) To avoid S cabbies the boy has to——

Ans:- (a)  (I) & (ii)

(a) Take bath regularly

(b) Use clean towel.

Short question:-

(1)Why is the tongue called the organ of taste?

Ans:- We feel the various types of taste such as sweet, sour, spicy and bitter with the help of tongue. At here is a covering over the tongue containing the taste buds which is used receive various tastes. So the tongue is called the organ of taste.

(2) How dose the middle ear help us hear?

Ans:- Middle ear contains three small bones malleus, Incus, stape. With the help of this bones, sound reaches the inner ear. There is a tube connects the ear with the back of the throat, which balances the air pressures both in and outside the eardrum. This is how middle ear helps us to hear.

(3) What is the function of retina?

Ans:- The function of retina is, retina can sense the light. Light enters the eye through retina.

(4) What happens if the lens of the eye is damaged?

Ans:- If the lens of the eye is damaged then the eye might be prone to many diseases like blindness.

(5) What are the function of skin?

Ans:- The function of skin are——

(i) Skin protects the soft part of the body from external injury,, hot, sunshine, cold etc.

(ii) Skin keeps the body cool and healthy through sweating.

(iii) Skin expels harmful substances from the body.

Creative question:-

(1) (a) What is sclera?

Ans:- The white,, tough, outer of the eye ball is known as sclera.

(b) What happens if (G) is distorted?

Ans:- If (G) is distorted then eye can not response to the light.

(c) Explain the function of (B)

Ans:-The function (b) is to sense high and low lights.

(d) Discuss how (j) helps us see things.

Ans:- (J) is light sensitive layer, it senses the light and gives signals to the brain through nerves. Then the brain helps us to see the things.

(2) (a)What do you mean by auditory sensory organ?

Ans:- Auditory sensory organ means the organ which can sense the audio or sound. Ear is an auditory sensory organ. Ear helps us hear the sound.

(b) What would happen in absence of (A)?

Ans:- In the absence (A) sound can not dispatched into the ear.

(c) What is the function of (E)?

Ans:- The function of (E) is to help us to hear the sound.

(d) What are the importance of (C) and (F)?

Ans:-The importance (c) & (F) are—

(i) The bones of (c) helps sound to reach the inner ear

(ii) (F) helps to balance the air pressures both in and outside the eardrum.





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