NCTB Class 6 Home science Chapter 6 “Development during Adolescence” Solution

NCTB Class 6 Home science Chapter 6 “Development during Adolescence” Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 6 Home science Solution Chapter 6 “Development during Adolescence” Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher.

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 6 “Development during Adolescence”


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Chapter Name

“Development during Adolescence”

Multiple choice questions:-

 (1) Up to which age do girl grow in height?

Answer:- 18/19.

(2) Which of the following is a negative emotion?

 Answer:- Sorrow.

(3) Which aspect of Abir has not developed properly?

Answer:- Mental.

(4) For doing well in studies, Abir needs–

 Answer:- (ii) Reading various books side by side with textbooks.

Creative questions:-

(1) (a) Up to what height do boys continue to grow?

Answer:-  Up to 7-14cm per year boys continue to grow.

(1) (b) What do you mean by mental development?

 Answer:- Mental development is how to children learn to speak and memorize things as they grow up in age the word ‘mental’ has come from the word min.

(1) (c) Do you agree to the fact that one can attain the nature like that of Ragib through working intimately with various groups? Justify your answer.

Answer:- We can see the moral development, social development, positive emotions in Ragib behaviours.

(2) (a) What is the adolescent age-limit?

Answer:- 18/19 year is adolescent age limit.

(2) What you mean by moral development?

(b) Answer:- Moral development means the development which follow the social and religions himself responsible for his good or evil deeds.

(2) (c) Explain what characteristics are noticed in Shaju’s behaviour.

 Answer:- It this age children learn from the sorrowing environment. What they will learn they will be reflected in their use. A do listen’s get their behaviour influenced by the company of friends they keep. So it is responsibility of each and every one of us to educate our children from on early age about their rules of dealing from home and school. Without proper education, every child will be in the same situation as Shaju’s.

(2) (d) How can boys and girls of Shaju’s age change their behaviour? Explain clearly.

Answer:- Arrogant behaviour becomes an obstacle in the way of life. The first step of his education is from home. Adulate and school teachers at home should take their children to the went level through proper education. It is very important to explain the difference good and bad between them children are usually misguided when they are quieted by bad company and with the right they are guided in the right way.

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