NCTB Class 6 Home science Chapter 3 “Home Management” Solution

NCTB Class 6 Home science Chapter 3 “Home Management” Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 6 Home science Solution Chapter 3 “Home Management” Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher.

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 3 “Home Management”


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Home science



Chapter Name

“Home Management”

Multiple choice questions:-

(1) What is the last step of Home Management?

Answer:- Evaluation.

(2) Advantages of planned work are —

Answer:- (iii) Goal can be easily achieved.

(3) Which of the management steps does Laila follow?

Answer:- (b) Evaluation.

(4) Advantages of Planned work are –

Answer:- (iii) It maker according to the scheduled time.

Creative questions:-

(1) (a) What is the first step of Home Management?

Answer:-  The first step of home management is planning.

 (1) (b) what is meant by Unplanned Work?

Answer:- Unplanned work is a work which has no set results, which is not done according to certain procedures. Hope is not fruit fall

(1) (c) Which of the management steps is reflected in Lamiya’s attitude? Explain.

Answer:- In Lamiya’s attitude we can find even nation step, because she verified of results of the accomplished work.

(1) (d) Latif’s attitude is an obstacle to his success. Explain.

Answer:- Future life is not happy if you do not follow the right rules and principles from student life. The character of the student is formed in a very beautiful way when the correct rules are guided by devotion. In the case of Latif , the exact opposite has happened. Latifs character traits will therefore be an obstacle in latif’s way of life.

(2) (a) Where do we ‘all of our hopes and aspirations’ fulfilled?

Answer:- We get ‘all of our hopes and aspirations fulfilled in planned work.

(2) (b) What is meant by ‘planning’?

Answer:- Planning is a process that will make one easily understand which activity will be done.

(2) (c) What type of decision did the students make? Explain.

Answer:-  The students make individual decision.

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