NCTB Class 6 Home science Chapter 2 “Cleaning of Home” Solution

NCTB Class 6 Home science Chapter 2 “Cleaning of Home” Solution

Bangladesh Board Class 6 Home science Solution Chapter 2 “Cleaning of Home”  Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher.

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 2 “Cleaning of Home”


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Chapter Name

“Cleaning of Home”

Multiple choice questions:-

(1) Which of the following belong to weekly cleaning activities?

Answer:- (c) Cleaning the kitchen shelves.

Read the following paragraph and 2 and 3

Shanta levelled the ground of her house courtyard and made flower and vegetable gardens. She makes the gardens free of weeds and keeps their surrounding clean.

(2) Which type of cleaning activity does Shanta make for her gardens?

Answer:- (d) External cleaning.

(3) Advantages that Shanta make for her gardens?

Answer:- (iii) Fulfilling cleaning.

Creative questions:

(1) Shahana lives along with her family in a semi-constructed house located at the center of multi-storied building of her house-courtyard are covered with shrubs and bushes. Overflow of open drain water has appeared the courtyard and caused the disturbances of various insects, such as flies and mosquitoes within the house.

(a) What is the disease caused and spread by aedes mosquitoes?

Answer:- Malaria is the disease by aedes mosquitoes. It has many cause like —

(i) Unclean Environment.

(ii) Open draining system.

(iii) Shrubs and bushes.

(b) What is meant by ‘Yearly Cleaning’?

Answer:- Yearly cleaning is a task through participating in the afore said cleaning activities. Like painting furniture, home repair, placing thing under the sun etc.

(c) What type of cleaning is lacking in Shahana’s house? –Explain.

Answer:-  Weekly cleaning is lacking in Sahana’s house – The atmosphere in Sahanas house does not feel healthy or normal at all. We should clean the bushes around the house every week.

(d) ‘House environment of shahana’s is actually an obstacle to ensure good health’- Write clearly.

Answer:- If anyone want to live in a healthy and normal environment, first of all that place should be clean and tidy. Open drains carry various pathogens. Malaria mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water. Shrubs can be home to a variety of poisonous insects and snakes. All of these surroundings stand in the way of a healthy environment.

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