NCTB Class 6 English Chapter 8 Grocery shopping Solution

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Bangladesh Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 8 Grocery shopping Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 6 English Solution Lesson 8 Grocery shopping.

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 8 Grocery shopping


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Chapter Name

Grocery shopping

A1. You have read the conversation above. Now put a tick mark (√) against the items that Imran will buy and put a cross mark (×) against the items he won’t. Write the quantity of the items in the last column.

No.           Items        √/×   Quantity
1. Potatoes        √       ½ kg
2. Tomatoes        √       1 kg
3. Onions        ×        0
4. Cauliflower        √        2piece
5. Beans        √        ½ kg
6. Eggplants        ×          0
7. Eggs        1 dozen
8. Oil        √        1 litre
9. Salt ×            0
10. Sugar        √         1 kg
11. Milk        √         1 litre
12. Carrots        ×           0
13. Cucumber        ×           0

B1. Discuss the following questions in pairs.

a.) How many items did Imran buy?

Ans: Imran buy total 9 items.

b.) What varieties of vegetables were available in the market?

Ans: There are lots of varieties of vegetables were available        in the market.

c.) Why do you think Imran asked the salesman to use a paper bag? Discuss with your class friends and then write down one or two reasons.

Ans: It is because.

1.) Paper bag are easy to recycle.

2.) Paper bag are not harmful for nature.

d.) “Thank you, here is the change…..”. What does the word“change” means here?

Ans: The meaning of “change” is the money that he left after paying his bill it either be coins or cash.

B2. Read the sentences/phase in the eight speech bubbles.

Put them in the right order (1 to 8) to write down the conversation in your notebook.

Ans: Girl: Excuse me!

Vendor: Yes! How can I help you?

Girl: I want to buy an ice-cream.

Vendor: Sure! There you go.

Girl: How much is it?

Vendor: 20 taka.

Girl: Here you are.

Vendor: Thank you!

Discuss in pairs how you talk about quantities when you go shopping. Match the phrases in column A and the items in column B below to make an imaginary shopping list. Write own the list in your notebook.

Ans: a can of coke

a loaf of bread

a packet of pencils

a tube of paint

half a kilo of cake

a dozen of eggs

a box of chocolates

a roll of poster paper or toothpaste

a facial tissue

a jar of honey

a sheet of note book

C1. Look at your shopping list again. Can you say which items are available in what kind of shops? There are different shops such as grocer’s, stationer’s, baker’s, etc. selling different things. Put the items under the proper headings in the table below.

Grocer’s        Baker’s         Stationer’s
1.a dozen of eggs

2.a box of chocolates

3.a can of coke

4.a jar of honey

5.a roll of toothpaste

6.a facial tissue

a loaf of bread

half a kilo of cake


a tube of paint

a sheet of note book

a roll of poster paper

a packet of pencils

E.) Fill in the blanks with ‘some’ or ‘any’.

1.) Are there any flowers in the garden?

2.) Yes! these are some roses and lilies.

3.) What about jasmine? Are there some jasmines?

4.) No, there aren’t any jasmines.

5.) Do you have any idea why I’m asking you all these?

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