NCTB Class 6 English Chapter 6 It smells good Solution

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Bangladesh Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 6 It smells good Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 6 English Solution Lesson 6 It smells good.

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 6 It smells good


NCTB Bangladesh Board





Chapter Name

It smells good

A1. Work with a partner. Ask and answer the following questions.

 a.) What’s your favourite food?

b.) Where do you usually it?

c.) Who prepares it?

d.) How does it taste?

Ans: a.) My favourite food is Rajma chawal.

b.) In home.

c.) My mother prepares it for me.

d.) It taste so delicious.

A3. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the  words in the box.

a.) I know him very well

b.) The new dress look great!

c.) Rina like to collect stamps.

d.) I can see a butterfly near the flowers.

e.) The flower smell sweet.

f.) Murad want to buy a dictionary.

A4. Read the passage below and choose which verb form is        appropriate. Underline the word you choose.

Ans: a.) works

b.) helps

c.) makes

d.) thinks

e.) loves

f.) wants

g.) hears

h.) says

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