NCTB Class 6 English Chapter 5 Thanks for your work Solution

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Bangladesh Board Class 6 English Solution Chapter 5 Thanks for your work Exercises Question and Answer by Experienced Teacher. NCTB Class 6 English Solution Lesson 1 Thanks for your work.

NCTB Solution Class 6 Chapter 5 Thanks for your work


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Chapter Name

Thanks for your work

  1. Look and say. Use suitable words from the box to describe the occupation of each person below.

Ans:1.) Cleaner
2.) postman

3.) nurse

4.) waiter

5.) ricksaw-puller

6.) newspaper hawker

A1. Choose appropriate words from the box to complete the dialogue below. Then act out the dialogue in pairs.

B: A cleaner cleans our houses, office and streets etc.A: What does a cleaner do?

A: What does a newspaper hawker do?

B: A hawker gives us newspapers every morning.

A: What does a postman do?

B: A postman delivers letters and others items to us.

A: What does a rickshaw puller do?

B: A rickshaw puller takes us from one place to another.

A: What does a waiter do?

B: A waiter serves food at the restaurant.

B1. Now, ask and answer the question in pairs.

a) What time does Bulbul wake up?

Ans: Bulbul wakes up early 5’o clock in the morning.

b) Where do the people of Sankar put their rubbish?

Ans: The people of Shankar put their rubbish in plastic bins and leave them in front of their hoses.

c) Why does Bulbul think that all jobs are important?

Ans: Bulbul think that all job are important because every job has their own responsibility.

d) What happen when Bulbul became sick?

Ans: When Bulbul became sick so he doesn’t come to collect rubbish so the piles of rubbish waiting in front of everyone houses and the whole area became dirty and unhygienic.

e) What will happen if Bulbul falls sick again?

Ans: If Bulbul falls sick again than whole area will turn into a big dustbin.

f) What will you sat to Bulbul, if you meet him?

Ans: I will say “Thank you for everything you did for us”.

B2. Think of a person who helps you live well. Write a composition on this person. Now answer the following questions.

a) What does he/she do?

b) How does his work help you live well?

c) What time does he/she start his/her work?

d) How does she/he do the work?

e) Does he/she like the job? Why/why not?

f) What will happen if he/she stops working?

g) What do you think about his/her job?

Ans: a.) He cleans our street.

b.) He cleans all the garbage and rubbish from the street so we live heathy and hygienic.

c.) He start his work early 6’o clock in the morning.

d.) He work with the help of his broom and a plastic              bin bag.

e.) Yes! He like his job because he believes that more he clean the street more we live healthy.

f.) If he stops working than our colony became so dirty and we become unhealthy and sick also.

g.) I think his job is not easy and lots of responsibility are there.

B3. Underline all the verbs in text on Bulbul (B). Write down the past form of the verb in the present tense. Also write down the present form of the verb in the past tenses.

Ans: verbs- collects, wakes up, walks along, takes out, piles of, got well, stops, does not, puts them.

Present tense

Collect , walk along, take out, pile of, get well, stop, do not

Put them

Past tens

Collected, walked along, took out, piled of, stopped,

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